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Thursday, 24 December 2015

Five Facts Thursday - please welcome Joan Leotta

Five Fun Facts about Joan Leotta

1. I live in the town Jimmy Durante made famous—Good-night Mrs. Calabash, wherever you are!

2. My elementary school was an old Victorian-era mansion

3. One of my short stories won first place in a contest in Australia! It is the title tale for my eclectic story collection—Simply a Smile—many genres, each story inspired by an object

4. Spent a summer in Lesotho researching their political system

5. Love collecting seashells, (my only sport is beach walking), cooking and reading

Excerpt   from title story

Because his family raised horses, Hsiang Xirui quickly became a cavalry rider of distinction. In his first battle, he saved the life of one of his officers. Again and again he proved his bravery. Despite his low birth status, he was made an officer.The soft features of the strong, gentle, young man became the scarred, sharp outlines of a warrior. Yet, for all of his glory in the Emperor’s service, Hsiang Xirui’s heart remained that of the gentle farm boy who loved Li Hui Zhong. He thought constantly of how he might find and rescue her.

Excerpt from one of the mystery tales, An Ancient Recipe--

Leah took a deep breath. It was time to unroll the scroll a bit more. She smiled and delicately moved the paper using her gloved hands and a long tweezers. She caught her own reflection in the glass of her husband's photo on her desk. Leah appraised her reflection critically and said to herself, "Perhaps I should whiten my teeth before my appearance on the Today show. My hair could use a bit more body. Not a permanent, but maybe some curls or bangs to accentuate my green eyes."

Excerpt from a general fiction tale, Rings on Her Fingers 

The aide motioned to me. I got up and walked over to the side of the bed. Pat plopped the first ring into my palm. I closed my hand over the ring, a slim silver band with an engraved silver shield.

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