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Saturday, 16 January 2016

Cover Genesis and excerpt Part One #paranormal #romance #erotic #shifter

Ever wondered how Loose Id work their cover magic? Apart from the fact they use great cover artists, I mean.
It’s the magic of one form.
I fill in the details of my main characters and give them three scenes to work with.
Here’s the first one

She wanted nothing to do with one of Zebadiah’s bought-in bullies. The quicker this strange attraction she felt toward him faded the better. Her hut, with her makeshift dresser—more rough pieces of wood propped on stones and her pallet of moss—shouted of poverty and defeat. She leaned against one of the hut uprights and flexed her leg, glad to take her weight off her knee. Much as she wanted Mr. Fix-it’s hand on her breasts and his lips against hers, she hated the unexpected jolt of mating heat. Her throat constricted as her libido went wild.
His presence overwhelmed her and his sheer size made her hut seem crowded. The look on his face, as though he struggled not to gag at a bad smell, hurt more than she’d expected. Only, to someone so unconcerned about Tansy’s blood dripping on his expensive clothes, her hut wouldn’t impress him any more than her demand for payment up front. 
He glanced toward the door and raised an eyebrow at the small bow and a quiver of arrows alongside a homemade flint ax. With a shrug, he hefted it over his shoulder, but since Viola had made it to suit her smaller frame, it looked ridiculous. Lip curled, he let it dangle from his huge hand.
He’d stripped off his shirt and beneath all that anger and aggression, he had a body to die for. Sweat glistened on his muscles. When one drop ran down from his shoulder and over his left nipple, Viola wanted to follow it with her tongue. She decided he’d taste salty and fresh—like honey, vanilla, and sweet herbs brewed into a love potion. Not that she’d ever get the chance to find out.
She bit back a sigh and dragged her gaze from his chest. “The arrow...”
He growled, so angry his claws came out. “Elves’ blood, woman. Forget the blasted arrow and tend her patient’s wounds.”
Viola’s cheeks burned. No wonder he thought her incompetent. She’d been so determined to clean Tansy’s leg that she hadn’t worried about the murder thorn scratches. She grabbed her tincture of carpenter’s herb and meadowsweet, tipped some onto a fresh rag, and cleaned the dried blood from Tansy’s body.

From this, the cover artist – Dar Albert – worked her artistic magic and came up with this. 
That's talent. 
The release date is Tuesday 19th January, but if you want to know more check out my book here. 

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