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Friday, 23 December 2016

A spanking for Jazz

The way she blushed and nodded was adorable. She’d already primed her curvy little body and screwing her would be the perfect end to the evening. A one-night stand would make up for the atrocious food.
She moved behind the chair where he’d sat when he pulled her over his knee, and trailed her hand over its back. Her gaze locked with his, and she ran her tongue over her lips. “Do it. Make me forget the things I just did.”
There was an extra swagger in his step as he moved toward her. All dominant male, he settled on the chair. “Let me see all of you. Take off your panties and spread your arms.”
The eager way she shoved her panties down her legs made him smile. “Good girl. Turn around. Slowly. I want every detail of your toned body seared into my brain.”
His gaze never left her expressive face as she bared herself to him. Jazz darted quick looks about the room and twirled one honey-blonde curl around her finger. Her tongue flicked over her lips, and she took a tiny backward step. “I’m a little on edge here, but I really need this.”
Not wanting her nerves to get the better of her, he patted his lap. “Lay over my knee. You’ve been a naughty girl tonight, but once I’ve punished you, I promise I’ll love you better.”
Her teeth worried her lower lip, and one hand covered her cunt while the other still tugged at a few stray curls. He’d never seen a more beautiful woman or one so conflicted about wanting a spanking. When she took a step toward him, her knees bumped against his legs. She gave him a shy smile and bent until her belly lay over his lap. He stroked one finger down her back. “Palms flat on the floor.”
She wriggled forward, her belly rubbing so hard against his engorged cock he nearly overheated. He swallowed hard, not wanting to come so soon, but Jazz had his head spinning as though he was a randy schoolboy. Once she found the right position, he grinned and bounced his hand off her skinny ass. She shuddered, but she didn’t ask him to stop. Her tears dripped onto his shoes as she squirmed against his cock. “More. Harder. Spank me like you mean it.”
Her words fired him up, but he didn’t intend to hurt her, just stoke her libido before he sank his cock into her. He swatted both her sweet spots, hitting the left and right in succession, waiting a heartbeat, then spanking her again. He hadn’t arranged a safe word, but the instant she asked, he’d stop.
She moaned and lifted her hips higher. “Keep going.”
He spread the pain, two strokes high and two to the tender spots on the tops of her thighs before slapping her sweet spots again. The primitive part of his nature growled with sexual need as she submitted to him. With each smack of his hand on her beautiful bottom, she moaned softly and squirmed against his lap. When he stroked her hand though her pussy, she grew damp with need.
His cock throbbed in his dress trousers, and his fingers homed in on her pussy, trailing through the dampness gathered there already. The way she squirmed and panted drove him crazy. When he pinched gently at her clit, her anguished shrieks became soft, sensual sounds that demanded he screw her. He’d never needed to fuck a woman as urgently as he did her.

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  1. Hi! I'm filling in for Kathryn again as host of SatSpanks! Oh boy! That was some spanking. I'm glad that she's enjoying it! Merry Christmas!