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Thursday, 10 August 2017

Find your birthday moon here. #wiccan #lykae #moon #birthday

When I looked at the Wiccan names for full moons and realized they applied to the powerful Lykae in my Scattered Siblings series. They even share the same name for each month’s moon.

Look up your birth month and special moon below.

January  - The Wolf Moon
January born are wild, party animals.

Wolves love the January moon. Looking at it makes them howl long and loud when they see it. Since it it occurs after the solstice, party atmosphere runs through the packs . The scent of sex lingers everywhere. Unmated females often take multiple partners during the revels. 

February - Storm Moon
February born are primal and savage, strong enough to weather anything life throws at them. 
 A storm is often at its fiercest just before it blows itself out. The storm moon heralds winter’s last stand. The weather is at its worst. Expect snow, ice and rain. Even a Lykae in its most savage Primal form seeks shelter  from February’s excesses. It’s a time to enjoy your home and get ready to welcome Spring.

March  - The Worm Moon         
March born are natural protectors, prepared for anything       

This is the month the ground softens. Worms appear, and bird life becomes more abundant. To many ancient people, including the Lykae, it meant a fresh food source became available.

April -  Seed Moon or Fish Moon
April born create beautiful  gardens. 
Often, they're natural healers.
Not only Werewolves are ruled by the moon. The fish moon is when the biggest fish bite. This is the time when fishermen take to the water and have record catches. Those that tend crops start to prepare their gardens when they see this moon.

May  - Hare Moon
May born are naturally generous. They love to provide for their friends and family.

This is the month to spot hares – an important food source before the game fattens up for the autumn. Werewolves are playful creatures. They enjoy the thrill of the chase. They only kill to eat, but many of them say May is their favorite month to hunt. It’s also a time to sow and plant. Werewolves like meat, meat and more meat. They’re fond of sweet things too. This is the month to plant natural sweeteners like sugar beet and parsnip.

June - Dryad moon   
June born are natural romantics

This falls close to the summer solstice. It’s the time when the sun and the moon’s effects are most apparent. The sun warms the days, and gives hope in the shortened nights. This Full moon has a honey color. Romantics took this to heart and June became the most popular month for humans to wed. More Werewolves find their true mate in June than any other month. It’s also the month to gather strawberries—another sweet treat Werewolves love.

July - Mead Moon
July born are true party people

Werewolves aren’t natural farmers, but some keep animals to see them over winter. July’s moon heralds the time to collect hay as winter fodder. When a couple form a soul bond some Lykae packs give them enough mead to last a month. July sees the honeymoon come to an end and their true life together begins.

August - Wort Moon or Red Moon
August born love to entertain outdoors. 

The year’s at its hottest, and the atmosphere is full of dust particles. This gives the Moon a red glow. It is a month to gather wyrts, or herbs used for healing. Traditionally, this is the month that cattle are slaughtered to get families through the winter. Weres sometimes call this a blood moon, and celebrate with barbecues and roasts.

September - Barley Moon
September born strike the perfect balance between living for now and living for the future. 

This is the brightest moon of the year. In Europe, as in the Scattered Siblings' Lykae homeland—the light of the harvest moon allows farmers to work into the night.

                            October Blood or Hunter’s Moon  
October born love to provide for their family and friends. They make great hosts for parties.

  After the harvest, the landscape becomes stubble fields and open spaces. Game is fat and rich. Werewolves hunt to fill their winter larders. Some have icehouses to keep it cool. Others salt it. This is the full moon nearest the autumn equinox, and it hangs low in the sky. Often a Hunter’s Moon reflects the red glow of the setting sun. 

November  - Snow Moon
November born love their home and enjoy cosy nights by the open fire.

 The name is self-explanatory. It’s a time for Lykae to retire to cozy dens or their wood cabins. They snuggle up before roaring log fires. Lykae are sociable animals, and often drop in on friends. Usually the pack alpha visits during the snow moon, ensuring no one goes hungry or needs assistance.

December - Oak Moon
 December born are sensual beings who love to cozy up by log fire. 

Oak is the tree sacred to Jupiter and Druids. It withstands winter storms while other trees may fall. Obviously in December, around the solstice, the nights are longer. Werewolves are sensual creatures, and the Lykae conceive  more Were babies in December than any other  month

Blue Moon

This is the name for the second full moon in a month. This happens roughly every two and a half years. This a full moon associated with triads or trinities. To Wiccans it embodies the energy of the maiden, the mother and the crone. To Christians it symbolizes the holy trinity. It’s a time of heightened communication with the divine, of prayers offered and answered. 
The Lykae symbol for good luck is a triangle.

Want meet some of my Lykae? You can find them all here.

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