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Friday, 23 March 2018

Pst, want a free book. A last minute head's up

My book, To Break a warrior King's Curse is Free on Amazon until whatever time on Saturday it decides otherwise.
A man can only stand so much meaningless sex

Leonidas can fight anything except dark magic.

He inherited his father’s curse along with the Fae throne. Thanks to a rogue witch, if he doesn’t bed a different woman every month, he’ll turn feral. A man can only stand so much meaningless sex. No wonder he hates witches.

When he meets Meena, he intends to seduce her, not love her.

Meena’s a witch who never developed any powers.
Banished to the mundane world, she masquerades as human. When she accidentally bonds with an escaped war dragon, Leonidas comes to reclaim it. His enemies strip him of his powers, and his month’s almost up.

What happens when he discovers she’s a witch? And how will this warrior king cope when his curse kicks in and forces him into another woman’s bed.

PLEASE NOTE This book was previously sold with the title CURSE OF THE FAE KING.

He only intended to seduce her not love her.

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If he doesn’t bed a different women every month, he’ll turn feral.


This tasty immortal—maybe a druidess or a nymph—intrigued him with her intoxicating curves and sarcastic defenses. In his dreams, he’d slowly strip away her fears—along with her clothes—and discover the secrets she held inside. Preferably with his tongue and his cock.

Time was running out for him, and soon he’d be desperate to find a willing woman. One who wasn’t all sparky nature and prickly retorts. One who didn’t have hazel eyes flecked with gold fire. One who appealed purely to his out of control cock.

He actually liked his sparky-natured Goth. Even her irreverence fascinated him. But because of his curse, he’d use her body to soothe the throbbing in his dick. He’d have to. Then once his magic returned, he’d vanish back to the otherworld—without her.
Querida”—he used his deep, honeyed voice like a sensual weapon—“I can show you more pleasure in five minutes than you’ve known in your entire life.”

She threw back her head and laughed. “So can chocolate ice cream. Get real, or better yet, get lost. And take your damn dragon with you.”

“I already told you, I cannot.” Thanks to his curse, an uncontrolled beast—hedonistic, sexual, and savage—seethed within him. He’d do anything to keep it contained even if it meant fucking a million different women to stay sane. Then why was this one with her snarky tongue and mundane world mannerisms special? “My magic is blocked, and if neither you nor your missing mother trapped me, who did?”

Meena glanced around, her eyes wide and wild. “Missing? She’s probably in one of our polytunnels, persuading the autumn crocus to flower out of season and give up double their usual amount of saffron.”

His raised eyebrow told her to get real. “So busy she missed a hungry dragonet munching his way through her crops? And wouldn’t she come running when a whole border of herbs started dying?”

Meena stared at the purple-leaved sage in the border behind her. Even a non-gardener like Leonidas could see that where once-healthy new shoots had wilted. “Mum would never let that happen. Come on, my rampant warrior”—she eyed his crotch like a beggar denied a feast—“wield that wicked sword of yours, and watch my back while I check out the house.”

More about Kryssie Fortune.

Kryssie reads everything and anything, from literary fiction to sizzling romance. Her earliest memory is going to the library with her mother. She can’t have been more than two at the time. Reading, especially when a book’s hot and explicit, is more than a guilty pleasure. It’s an obsession.
Kryssie needed a world for her Scattered Sibling adventures. With its green sky, carnivorous plants and rats bigger than cars, the otherworld is a violent place. Lykae, Fae, and vampires all live there. If the characters come to our mundane world, they often visit the North Yorkshire resort town of Whitby—British home of all things gothic and weird.  For Kryssie, mixing reality and fantasy is the best entertainment.
Kryssie lives on the coast, about thirty miles from Whitby, and she know it well. She enjoys gardening, travel, and socializing with her author friends. You’d be surprised how many erotic romance authors live in the north of England.
This year, Kryssie’s main publisher—Loose id – decided it could no longer compete with Amazon. Sadly, they close their doors permanently in May. For Kryssie, getting her book rights back is a chance to go indie. To Break a Warrior King’s Curse is the first book she’s self-published
And the title change?
When she started writing, Kryssie didn’t realize how much she’d fall in love with the otherworld. All her Scattered Sibling’s series books have a title starting with TO…  She simply brought this in line with the rest.  Please, read and enjoy

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