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Thursday, 3 May 2018

What's your greatest fear? # basophobia #falling #darkness #contemporary #romance

Some fears are so common they're almost a race memory.
Fear of heights, acrophobia, is common. Closely linked is the fear of falling - or basophobia.
It's not the height that scares a basophobic. Its the tumbling through the air and the crash landing.

For sirens, that fear is so real they can taste it.
Sirens are supernatural Greek females. Originally, from the waist down, they were feathered and winged. From the waist up, they were enticingly female.

According to legend, they were suckered into a singing contest with the muses. The contest was rigged. The sirens lost. The muses plucked their feathers and tossed them from the skies.

Without their feathers, the sirens tumbled to earth. As they fell, their bodies changed. They became beautiful females who crash landed in the sea.

Writers have too much imagination.
This story made me wonder.
What if Neptune resented the sirens for invading his land?
What if Saturn, a primal god, had lost his rings?
What changed the sirens as they fell?
What if all the female singers on TV talent shows were sirens?

Lindy's a siren working in modern-day Country and Western theater bar. She had 48 hours to loose her virginity before Neptune takes it by force. The only man she wants to give it up for is the mysterious Jase - but he hates sirens. Worse, he's oath bound not to touch her until her 48 hours are up.

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Convicted of a crime he didn’t commit, the warrior god Janus plummeted from the heights of Olympus to the depths of the Underworld.
After centuries of pain and torment, he finally clawed his way free. He’ll never forgive the gods who condemned him, or the sirens for their part in his downfall.

Each summer, Neptune demands a virgin sacrifice. And his sacrifice of choice is a siren.

Sirens are strong, sassy, and sexy.

Lindy’s siren heritage makes her fierce, lusty, and curious, but she dreams of loving one man forever. She won’t give her heart - or her virginity - to a short-lived mortal she might accidentally break in bed. When Neptune demands her as his sacrifice, she’s determined to give her virginity to anybody except him.

Janus, or Jase as he calls himself now is the one man she’s eager to bed.
The clock’s ticking. Lindy has forty-eight hours to seduce the siren-hating Jase and win his heart.
Much as he wants her, to protect her, he’s vowed not to take her until Neptune’s feast day. Can she seduce him in time? Or will Neptune tie her down and take her against her will.

Excerpt - Jase gets Lindy drunk to avoid spending the night in her bed.

Lindy hiccupped, giggled, and waved the empty coffee cup in Jase’s face. When she spoke, her voice was a little too loud, and there was a slur in her words. “Whersh the hotel? I can’t wait to undresh and drag you into my bed. You will shcrew me this time, won’t you?”
He took the coffee cup from her hand. “You’ll break something waving that about.”
She hiccupped again, covered her mouth with her hand; then she giggled like a schoolgirl. Her voice carried through the restaurant. “Doshn’t matter. They’ve got more. Letsh go to the hotel, and I’ll lick your balls until your eyes roll back in your head.”
Women either smiled and whispered good-humored comments to their friends or raised their eyebrows, pursed their lips, and looked away. More than one male customer gave her an appraising look…until they spotted Jase’s muscular bulk.
He flushed a little, and his gaze slid away from hers. “Shh, princess. We’re leaving just as soon as I’ve paid the bill.”
Overloud and over expansive, Lindy sat back in her seat. Her arms flopped out, and she just missed a passing waiter. “Come here, Jase. Let me suck on your cock. You will fuck me, won’t you? Or maybe one of the other men here will take my virginity.”
Heads swiveled in her direction. Across the room, someone giggled. Three men at the next table smiled at her drunken antics. One winked and raised his glass in salute.
Lindy leaned toward him. “You’d fuck me, wouldn’t you?”
“Anytime, sweetie, but your friend here might not like it.” He leered.
Behind her, Jase growled.
Lindy ignored him and rose unsteadily to her feet. “Jashe is just a big ole pussycat, when he’s not doing his demon thing. If I sing for you, will you fuck me? I shing real good.”
Jase picked her up and headed for the door. “You’re better than good. You’re amazing. No time for singing, though, princess. That’s our taxi outside.”
She lolled back and threw out her arm. Her head dropped, and her arms flopped back. “You missed a treat, guys. I’m great when I sing.”
She laughed and waved at them, then stared into Jase’s eyes until her alcoholic haze turned her cross-eyed. Her vision blurred, and her voice dropped to a breathless giggle. “Really, Jash? Amashing? That’s good. Shall I shing you a love shong?”
“Not here, princess. Wrap your arms around my neck, and when we reach the hotel, I’ll help out with your little problem.”
“That’s the virginity thing,” she stage-whispered as he carried her outside.

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