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Thursday, 11 February 2016

Five Fact Thursday - please welcome Barbara Myers

Five Fun Facts About Ferrets

  1. A newborn ferret is so small it can fit in a tea spoon.
  2. Ferrets sleep an average of 18 hours a day.
  3. Caesar used ferrets for hunting and Aristotle wrote about them.
  4. Ferrets were given as gifts by Queen Victoria who raised albino ferrets.
  5. A loose ferret will typically die of starvation within 4 days.  They have no instinctive knowledge of what is or is not food. 


The next morning, when Reif went to get a fast-food breakfast for them, Quinn insisted he bring the ferrets inside so they could run around for a bit. Reluctantly, Reif did so. He balled up the wrappers from his breakfast sandwich and hash browns and tossed them across the room for the ferrets. Their interest in them lasted about thirty seconds. Quinn and Reif had decided to drive straight through to Coral Bay, swapping the wheel every time they stopped for gas.
“The only thing is…” Quinn began.
“Those two.” She pointed at the ferrets who were digging inside the waste paper can they’d knocked over. They managed to get the lid off an empty drink cup and the melted ice drained into the carpet. “We’ll have to let them out some of the time while we’re driving. They can’t be caged up for two whole days.”
Reif rubbed his eyelids. His eyes were still bloodshot but he wasn’t sneezing as much. “I’m going to need some more pills.”
When Quinn wasn’t driving she let the ferrets out for an hour or so, doing her best to keep them away from Reif. But once, when she was settling Pudge back into the carrier, Fudge leapt into the passenger seat. He seemed to like Reif. Quinn wasn’t a hundred percent sure, but she thought Reif’s attitude toward the wily creatures had softened a bit. Fudge set his feet on the center console and sniffed Reif’s sleeve, then gave a tiny sneeze.
Reif picked up his package of allergy medication and held it out to the ferret. “Want one?”


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