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Saturday, 9 June 2018

Amazon Author Academy #books #authors #seminar

Last Tuesday, I visited the Amazon Author Academy. 

There were tips on how to write a best seller. (Don’t we all want that?) 
Author talks and tips on marketing followed

I went in blind, not knowing what to expect. Gosh, was it slick and professional. Amazon did us proud.

The day started with coffee and a mingle. I met the lovely Maureen Barkworth who’d flown in from Spain to attend. She hopes to publish her psychological thriller soon. I also chatted with Colin Youngman - a man with six thrillers already on Amazon. (If that’s your reading thing, please check him out.)
DEAD Heat: A killer's mind unravels

Darren Hardy, UK manager of KDP Direct hosted the day. Amazon had invited representatives from a couple of writing organizations to attend. Margret Skea spoke about the Society of Authors. Paul Teague followed her and talked about the Alliance of Independent Authors. (Allie) They were good to listen to, and maybe one day I’ll join. Right now, I’m not convinced. Perhaps that’s because I regularly meet with amazing writing friends. It’s good to support each other.

Next, Amazon had arranged coffee and cake.

After the break, LJ Ross spoke about her best-selling romantic suspense thrillers. Not only do they sound amazing, but they are available on Kindle Unlimited. That’s my reading sorted for a few weeks. 

Turn of the Tide (The Munro Scottish Saga Book 1)

Margaret Skea spoke about researching and writing her 
brilliant historical fiction. 
I thought I wrote slowly, but Margaret is happy with one book a year as long as it's well researched.

Paul Teague, from Allie, told us about Crime thrillers.He's a man on a mission. He wants to earn enough from his writing to quit his day job and travel. Looking at his author page, he's well on his way to reaching his goal.

Finally, David Leadbetter gave a short talk on his UK #1 Bestseller in Thriller and Action/Adventure. He had such confidence in his writing that he quit his day job before publication. It certainly paid off 

The four of them were inspirational.

Amazon provided a delicious lunch of various bowl foods. (It felt like being at the royal wedding reception since that’s Harry and Megan served.)

The short afternoon session was dedicated to making it happen. The same four authors told how they burst into the bestselling charts. They tweeted and facedbooked. Once they’d built a fanbase they could interact with, they put out snippets of their work. 

Every one of them put their books on Kindle Unlimited. They used countdown deals and giveaways to pique interest. Of course, they’d all built email lists to contact their readers. I know I should do the email list thing, but goodness is it hard.

Questions and answers followed. One on one, David Leadbetter told he outsources his formatting and gets sent his mobi copies from Lion Heart Galleries.

Amazon provided wine and soft drinks so we could mingle, discuss and consider everything we’d heard during the day.

I went not knowing what to expect. I came away buoyed up with renewed enthusiasm.

If you get the chance to attend am Amazon Author Academy, grab it with both hands. It’s a brilliant day and you are sure to learn something.The four of them were inspirational.

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