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Saturday, 10 February 2018

Are you a Epeolatarer? 10 Words Every Book Lover Should Know. #words #books #romance

Princeps - the first edition of a book.

Foxing – the yellow color you see on the edges of old books.

 Frontispiece — is the piece of artwork on the left (“verso”) side of the page opposite the title page on the right (“recto”) side.

Glossary – where definitions of words unfamiliar to the readers can be found.

Incunabula – Any book printed – not hand written - before the year 1500, but can also mean a book in its early stages.

Bibliosmia  -  The smell of old books. I do love old book shops because of the wonderful smell.


Biblophile – A person who collects or loves books

Book-bosomed describes someone who carries a book at all times. First used in Walter Scotts 1805 poem The Lay of the Last Minstrel. I’m one of these, but I carry a whole library on my kindle.

Librocubicultarist – This one is me. A person who reads in bed.

Epeolatarer   Someone who loves words.


I’ve become obsessed with books over the last few days. Since I now have the rights back for To Break a Warrior King’s Curse, (Previously Curse of the Fae King) I have used Kindle Direct publishing to create a real honest to goodness paperback book.

Paperback buy links

Amazon USA       Amazon Uk       Amazon Japan


Blurb for To Break A Warrior King’s Curse.

Leonidas can fight anything except dark magic.
He inherited his father’s curse along with the Fae throne. Thanks to a rogue witch, if he doesn’t bed a different woman every month, he’ll turn feral. A man can only stand so much meaningless sex. No wonder he hates witches.
When he meets Meena, he intends to seduce her, not love her.

Meena’s a witch who never developed any powers. 
Banished to the mundane world, she masquerades as human. When she accidentally bonds with an escaped war dragon, Leonidas comes to reclaim it. His enemies strip him of his powers, and his month’s almost up.

What happens when he discovers she’s a witch? And how will this warrior king cope when his curse kicks in and forces him into another woman’s bed.

PLEASE NOTE This book was previously sold with the title CURSE OF THE FAE KING.



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