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Wednesday, 7 February 2018

How to Name Your Dragon #runaway #warrior #HEA #excerpt #MFRWHooks

“That’s my bloody dragon!” The Fae stalked across the cliff top, his emerald shirt billowing beneath his black leather waistcoat. “And I will be having him back.”

Meena’s curls tumbled over her shoulders, an ebony waterfall streaked with rainbow colors. She’d come up to the abbey ruins for solitude and peace, and as usual, she’d found it. Unless you counted the little lost dragonet at her feet. A large dog would have dwarfed him, but he was definitely the cutest otherworld creature she’d ever seen. And now his owner wanted him back.

She glanced over her shoulder toward the main entrance to see who’d provoked the Fae’s fury. There wasn’t another soul to be seen, which meant…

Sweet Hekate. He’s yelling at me.

Okay, her life was… Well, it wasn’t good, but no one snarled at her like that. Meena clenched her fists and squared her shoulders while the dragonet rested his head on his paws and took another bite of her sandwich.

The Fae’s arrogance chafed, but she refused to take her anger out on the dragonet. The way he mewled and flopped down at feet made her smile.

Meena removed her gloves and fondled his pointy ears. “Cheer up, Lipstick. daddy’s come to take you home. What a pity he didn’t take better care of you in the first place.
“Lipstick?” The Fae warrior thundered. "You named a powerful war dragon Lipstick. He should bear a noble name like Dreadnought or Valiant.”

With his uptight expression, corded muscle, and stiff spine, he had to be Fae royalty. That didn’t bode well for an outcast like her.

Meena smiled her professional customer-service smile—the one that had let her down earlier. “But he's the same color as my new lipstick. Scarlet Kisses, see?”

She brandished it like a talisman, expecting smoke to come out of this overbearing Fae’s ears. How satisfying was that? 

My excerpt is from How to Break a Warrior King's Curse - Previously sold as Curse of the Fae King. 
Now the rights have reverted to me, I can bring the title in line with the rest of my Scattered Sibling's series. 
Check it out today.

He only intended to seduce her not love her. 

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A man can only stand so much meaningless sex

Book Blurb

Leonidas can fight anything except dark magic.

He inherited his father’s curse along with the Fae throne. Thanks to a rogue witch, if he doesn’t bed a different woman every month, he’ll turn feral. A man can only stand so much meaningless sex. No wonder he hates witches.

When he meets Meena, he intends to seduce her, not love her.

Meena’s a witch who never developed any powers.
Banished to the mundane world, she masquerades as human. When she accidentally bonds with an escaped war dragon, Leonidas comes to reclaim it. His enemies strip him of his powers, and his month’s almost up.

What happens when he discovers she’s a witch? And how will this warrior king cope when his curse kicks in and forces him into another woman’s bed.

PLEASE NOTE This book was previously sold with the title CURSE OF THE FAE KING.


  1. This is just delightful! A "dragonet" is the perfect term.

  2. Love the dragonet. The confrontation is great, especially her smile

  3. Cute snippet. The dragonet seems adorable, the fae royalty less so.

  4. That's a perfectly legit reason for naming a dragon Lipstick - lol. Tweeted.