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Tuesday, 20 August 2019

Submitting to the Lawyer by BJ Wayne

His hot touch was the only escape from the invasive cold.   


His experienced touch coaxed her out of the darkness into the light, but will another threat to her sanity jeopardize their future?

Will they both let their reluctance to admit they want more from the other cost them everything?
Nan Meyers returns to her beloved hometown of Willow Springs a broken woman, ten months after leaving for what was supposed to be a short vacation with her brother. For years she’d enjoyed an active sexual lifestyle at the local BDSM club owned by her friends, but the trauma she endured while away has stripped her of those pleasures, leaving her determined to get her life back. 
Dan Shylock greets the news of his friend and favorite submissive’s return with relief. After Nan cut off all communication with him and her other friends several weeks after going on vacation, her silence had both worried and angered him. Seeing the changes in her upon her return stirs up his suspicions, and when she reveals hints of suffering from an abusive trauma, his protective instincts and determination to help her kick into high gear. 
As Dan slowly coaxes Nan back into embracing the pain induced pleasures she once loved, their growing feelings for each other come to the surface. But before either can come to terms with how they feel, the truth about the strange mishaps Nan has been experiencing almost costs her her life. Will Dan get there in time to save her?
This is book four in the Cowboy Doms series but can be enjoyed as a standalone.
Publisher’s Note: This steamy, contemporary Western romance contains elements of ménage, mystery, suspense, and power exchange. 

Her golden eyes blazed with a need that shredded his control.



“The sub I remember would have vibrated with excitement at the mention
of punishment and jumped to embrace the prospect.”  
That deep voice, the only one to slither past the fear and pain numbing
her mind during three days of huddling in cold, complete darkness, now
drew a wave of rippling uncertainty.  After taking another long drink,
she swiveled to face Dan, leaned forward with a small grin and managed
to pull up the old Nan still struggling to re-emerge.  
“Master Dan.  For you, I might change my mind.”
Apparently, she wouldn’t make a good actress.  His narrowed dark eyes
and tight set to his mouth signaled he saw through her attempt to flirt
and tease with him.  She didn’t like the calculated gleam that entered
his eyes as he removed his hat and tossed it on the bar top. He fisted his
hands on his hips, drawing her gaze to the thick, wide belt around
his waist and she recalled the sting of the supple leather snapping across
her buttocks.  The quick, welcome rush of heat subsided as he held out his
hand, a silent invitation he’d issued, and she’d accepted, countless times before.
Nan started to reach for him, ignoring the churning in her gut, determined
to move forward no matter what, when the sudden whoosh and snap
of leather striking bare skin followed by a high-pitched screech echoed
down from the loft and pitched her back into that dark space where the
same sound had delivered waves of excruciating agony.  Bile pushed up
to clog her throat and freeze her acceptance of Master Dan’s offer. She
squeezed her eyes shut, the only way to keep from looking up at the
source of another flesh-connecting snap. Jerking as if struck, the memory
of searing pain splitting her skin and blood dripping swept back to haunt her.  
“Breathe, Nan.”  Master Dan emphasized that command by pushing her head
down and massaging the tight muscles of her upper back.
She fought the swell of despair and humiliation as hard as she struggled
to breathe in.  I’m still as much of a pathetic mess as I was months ago
The thought pissed her off as fast as that sound hurled her back to a place she never wanted to go again.
His experienced touch coaxed her out of the darkness into the light, but will another threat to her sanity jeopardize their future?
I live in the Midwest with my husband and our dog, a lovable Great
Pyrenees/Standard Poodle.  I love dogs, enjoy spending time with my
daughter, babysitting dogs and kids, reading and working puzzles.  We have
traveled extensively throughout the states, Canada and just once overseas, but
I now prefer being a homebody.  I worked for a while writing articles for
a local magazine but soon found my interest in writing for myself peaking.
My first book was strictly spanking erotica, but I slowly evolved to writing
erotic spanking romance with a touch of suspense.  My favorite genre to
read is suspense.


Friday, 16 August 2019

Inside a Regency House of Fun. #raunchy #regency #spanking #romance #excerpt #KU #KindleUnlimited #Saturdayspankings

When the housekeeper mistook her for a prospective employee rather than the Earl of Deasnwood's bride, Alethea couldn't resist a chance to explore a House of Fun. 

This post is part of the Saturday Spanking blog hop. Please take a moment to see what my fellow authors have shared. (Links at the bottom of the post)

Going about her mundane life in a small fishing village, Alethea never dreamed she would end up with a man like the Earl of Deanswood, yet when she caught the handsome gentleman's eye he wasted no time in making her his wife. 

Unbeknownst to Alethea, however, her conniving mother has convinced Deanswood that she has no interest in the marital bed. Devastated by his seeming disinterest, Alethea searches for someone to instruct her in the ways of enticing a man.

When a friend informs Deanswood of Alethea's plans, he decides to train his new bride himself. Soon enough, Alethea finds herself naked, blindfolded, and helplessly bound as she is thoroughly spanked and then brought to one blushing, quivering climax after another.

But when Alethea's life is threatened by her mother's vicious scheming, can Deanswood protect his innocent bride?

Publisher's Note: His Innocent Bride is a stand-alone novel which shares the Regency-era setting of Wickedly Used. It includes spankings and sexual scenes. If such material offends you, please don't buy this book.

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Amazon USA                        https://amzn.to/2waZmpG

Amazon UK                           https://amzn.to/2OO3nYN

Amazon Canada                  https://amzn.to/2vRZWcw

Amazon Australia                 https://amzn.to/2MzN0S0



A carpeted corridor stretched before her. Halfway along, she spotted a door that wasn’t quite closed. Laughter echoed from it. Alethea peered into the room. A masked woman stood on a table, body bared. She cupped her breasts and posed for her lover. Alethea hadn’t known nipples could turn so dark a red or be so pointed.

Head back, one leg slightly bent, the woman looked as profligate as Delilah tempting Samson. Much as the pair of them fascinated her, Alethea would never dare pose like that for Deanswood but… Something carnal woke inside her, demanding that she turn slut and try it.

When the woman’s lover hooked one of her legs over his shoulder, she rested her hands on his shoulders. He grinned and put his mouth on her…

Fishhooks! Why didn’t my mother ever tell me the name of that place between the woman’s legs? The place the masked man is lapping like a starving tiger.

Moaning with pleasure, the woman buried her hands in his hair. She rotated her hips, pushing them toward her lover’s lips. He put one hand on her bottom, pulling her so close she almost fell. With his other hand, he unlaced his breeches.
The woman’s actions seemed sluttish and wanton—an illicit pleasure that shocked Alethea’s soul. Would Deanswood expect her to do that? A small, slutty voice inside her whispered, “Yes, please.”

Spying on strangers felt sinful and wrong so she moved on down the corridor. A woman’s scream rang out from one of the rooms. Alethea put the flowers on the floor and flung open a door.

A masked man had a woman over his knee, her skirts flung over her head and her bottom bared. Red handprints covered the woman’s pale flesh. She wriggled and squirmed as the man smacked her behind. She convulsed and screamed out her pain.

When the door slammed against the wall, the spanker turned to Alethea and winked. “You’re next.”

The woman gave a high-pitched yelp and sobbed harder. Alethea’s pulse beat a frantic rhythm. Lightheaded and anxious, she backed away. She’d never let anyone manhandle her like that.

Pulling the door shut, she picked up the flowers and ran down the corridor. She shot into the end room and slammed the door behind her. Putting the flowers down, she studied her surroundings.

An array of whips covered one wall. The nearest had a long narrow lash. The far one had nine tails. Seeing a spanking had horrified her, but a flogging? How could anyone submit to something as painful and demeaning as that?

When she looked up, her gaze fixed on the hook set in the ceiling. She pictured someone naked, with their hands bound and fastened over it. They’d scream, weep, and beg while their partner whipped their flesh.

Shaking her head, she spun around. That left her staring at a selection of paddles. Cheeks burning, she sank into the nearest chair and fanned her face with her hand. Deanswood couldn’t… He wouldn’t… What if he wanted her to submit to something like that?

Her husband moved like a warrior and looked like an ancient god. She craved him in her bed, but a spanking? Thinking about that made the nerves in her belly knot. And what if he used a whip?

Stepping back, she sat in the room’s solitary chair. Oh, God, it has cuffs on its arms and the front legs. She leaped to her feet. Her stomach churned and her imagination ran riot. The woman down the corridor had been naked. If she let her lover fasten her to the chair, her inner core would be exposed and vulnerable.

Alethea wanted to run and never look back, but that unnamed place between her legs grew damp. Backing away, she bumped into another piece of furniture. It had two platforms, one lower than the other. Both were padded and covered with red leather. She knelt on the lower platform to better examine the top. As she leaned forward, her position thrust her buttocks in the air. Feeling foolish, she realized she’d draped herself over a spanking aid.

Monday, 12 August 2019

Camille’s Second Chance by Alyssa Bailey #action ##adventure #cowboy #western #mystery #suspense

Before she was twenty-one, Camille Hendrix had been lied to, cheated on, assaulted twice
forced into a loveless marriage, divorced, and left to
fend for herself with one baby and another on the way. She had also been loved by a man she left without a word of explanation and missed every day of her life. Now, with a nursing degree and two preschoolers she was determined to return to her hometown and make a life, if possible, with the only man she ever loved. But was it too much to ask? Someone in town thought so. 

Sawyer Knight was the most sought-after playboy in three counties and probably more.
Everyone knew the woman he loved had suddenly left town without a word.
Since then, Sawyer could be seen most weekends at the Whet Whistle,
kicking up dust, getting toasted, and going home with a different woman.
No woman was permanent in his life and Sawyer made that known loud and clear,
until Cami came back to town. She was divorced, a mother, and life weary but
when he laid eyes on her in his brother’s house, she was still the most beautiful,
feisty woman he’d ever seen. Maybe more than ever because her strength of character
shone through the battle scars and his heart immediately yearned for her.
If he claimed her this time, he wouldn’t let her go without a fight.
It seemed the first opponent had already entered the ring.

This is book two in the Clearwater Ranch series but can be enjoyed as a standalone.

Publisher’s Note: This contemporary western romance is intended for adults only. It contains elements of mystery, suspense, sensual scenes and power exchange. If any of these offend you, please do not purchase.

Cami had one dream she refused to give up on: Sawyer Knight.

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“Me and Lily ate but mama didn’t, so maybe she can eat.”

Good boy. Taking care of his mama. He returned his gaze to Cami. She did look pale, thinner than he remembered her, but her breasts were fuller, her hips wider. He was shocked at the old feelings jumping at him. His emotions where all over the place but taking care of her was as natural as breathing.

“Camille, is that true?” She shivered as she once did when he used that tone. She must’ve felt it too. 

“I ate today,” she said with a bite of attitude. He loved that about her. Sassy to the end.

“If not dinner, lunch?” 

When she didn’t answer, he sat his son on the couch next to him and dropped a kiss on his soft hair before standing to walk over to Camille. He reached for Lily who had begun to take a deep interest in the new man in her brother’s life.

“Are the rumors true?” 

“I have no idea. Rumors are usually not told to the person being chatted about.” 

His lips twitched at her prim answer. He should be flaming mad at her, and maybe he would be later, but right now, all he could be is hopeful. He nodded, trying to be satisfied.  

Piper spoke up. “The bad ones, no, the ex, yes, but there is so much more you need to hear. You have no idea.” 

Sawyer continued to stare into Camille’s eyes as he reached for Lily again. “Lily for Cam-illy?” 

“Piccadilly, really.” 

He did smile then. He had called Camille, Camilly Piccadilly their whole lives. “Nice. Am I jumping a claim if I stake ownership of this beauty as well?”

Camille shook her head. “No. She has your last name.” 

That did surprise him, but it served his purpose. Presumptuous or not, he now had two children to call him daddy and he liked that. He liked it a lot. 

“Well, Miss Lily, do you want to sit in daddy’s lap while mama eats her dinner?”

“Oh, but I’m not…” 

Her words faded to nothing as he gave her the look he knew she remembered. He had paddled her rear a few times in their last year of dating, after she had turned eighteen and could really consent. 

“Do I need to make you a plate, Camille?” his voice was well modulated but with considerable effort.

He had the urge to paddle that beautiful rounded ass and take over her care immediately. Piper implied the gossip was what it always was, false, but still, where there’s smoke, there had to be a little fire. He would find out the whole story but not tonight. His girl looked exhausted. He softened his voice. No matter what happened after this, he had his son and she had all but told him he could be Lily’s daddy as well. Children needed their mother and he needed her too. 

The Knight brothers know how to raise livestock and tame women

You can find Alyssa online:

Twitter: @blushingalyssa
Blog/web page:  http://alyssabailey.com/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/alyssabaileyromance/

The Knight brothers know how to raise livestock and tame women 

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