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Thursday, 4 October 2018

Which groom took his best friend on honeymoon with him? #history #regency #people

Thanks to Georgette Heyer, I'm a lover of historical romance, especially those set in the Regency period. They're fictional tales woven around real people, but I'd no idea what they looked like. 

I thought it would be fun to put faces to names.

Above, Heyer fans will be pleased to see Lady Jersey, Patroness of Almacks, dancing a quadrille.

 I love the fashions and the men's elegant leg movements. I found this brilliant portrait of her on Wikipedia.
I'd have loved to see the Four-Horse Club set out, all driving their fashionable carriages and all wearing the blue and yellow stripped waistcoat.  I found this on the second-life marketplace website. I always thought it sounded garish, but is both subdued and smart. 

Four-Horse Club Waistcoat

The most famous ball ever has to be the one held by the Duchess of Richmond on the eve 
 the Battle of Waterloo.
I found the above portrait, showing the uniforms and fashions of the day. Unfortunately, the guy on the bottom left seems to have brought his blow-up doll with him.

I love this cartoon. It gives me a great idea what Robert Peel, founder of the British Police force looked like and shows me Wellington, complete with his famous hook nose.

No Regency page is complete without the man himself - the Prince Regent.

Famed for his debt, his morganatic marriage to Lady Fitzherbert, his appetite, and his love of fine things, he soon lost his good looks to his excesses. Sadly, he agreed to an arranged marriage with Caroline of Brunswick to pay off his debts.

It was hate at first sight.

.  Enter another larger than life character, George, Beau Brummell. 

Fastidious to a fault, Brummell personified sartorial style.  I can't decide if he's handsome or not, but he certainly stood out in an extravagant age.  

And I'm sure you've guessed it.
The Prince Regent took Brummell on honeymoon with him because he couldn't stand his wife. 
Since I'm a lover of all things Regency, It's hardly surprising that I've written two Regency romances.  
They are both hot and explicit with plenty of spanking and sex - definitely not from the Georgette Heyer mold 

Both made the Amazon top one hundred in their category. 

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