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Friday, 30 August 2019

Get me out of here! #kidnapping #action/adventure #Laborday #romance #KU #SaturdaySpanks

Happy Labour Day Weekend. 

Welcome to the Saturday Spanking's Blog hop where authors share snippets from their books that include spankings. 
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This week I'm sharing an expert from my stand alone Labour day romance. 
Kathryn and Luke know things they shouldn't and the bad guys don't like it. Hence the kidnapping. 

This book is free to read on Kindle Unlimited and will be on  special 99cent price to buy from Sunday  September 1st - Sunday 8th September. 
Please enjoy 

PS It includes pirates and sweetest wedding proposal you can imagine.

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Weekly Spanking Graphic


Fifteen minutes later, the van’s back door opened, and Farlaise yanked the blanket off the cages. “Welcome to your new home. I bet you’re just dying to see it.”
Sunlight dazzled Kathryn, and she shielded her eyes with her hands. When the spots cleared from her vision, she saw Jack standing to one side, his gun aimed at her.
Farlaise opened the door of the dog cage Luke had somehow screwed himself into. “Out. Now. Any trouble, and Jack shoots the girl.”
Luke struggled out of the cage, but he needed to clutch the van door to stay upright. Kathryn realized he must be riddled with cramps. She breathed deeply, telling herself to stay strong whatever happened, but if they shot Luke, she’d find a way to hurt them. Badly. Terminally, maybe.
Farlaise stood well back, waiting until Luke could stand unaided. “Pick up the woman’s cage and carry it inside.”
Blinking, Luke stared inside the concrete-lined grain store. Inside the cage, Kathryn whimpered. With no windows and plain concrete walls, the abandoned store reminded her of a tomb. A miniature dump truck stood off to the right—a motorized hopper solid enough to withstand the abuse of building sites—but half the engine was missing. She hoped the pile of moldering cardboard boxes at the back didn’t house rats. She hated rats. They’d be the straw that broke her. Not true. She felt broken already.
Luke stepped toward her cage. “Brace yourself, sweetheart. I promise not to drop you.”
He bent his knees and wrapped his arms around the sides of Kathryn’s cage. She tried to spread her arms to each side, but there wasn’t enough room. Clearly, Luke found the cage awkward rather than heavy. He staggered slightly but kept the cage steady.
No one ever came to Foster’s Mill anymore. The musty storage space beneath the house looked like it would withstand a world war, not just hold them captive. Stifling a sob, Kathryn felt as hollow as the grain store. No one would ever find them here.
A light bulb dangled drunkenly from a wire overhead. The only way out was through the metal doors, but once Farlaise closed them, it would be like being locked in a giant grave.
Jack’s smile turned cold. “Put her down there and step away. That’s it. Now, fetch the other cage. Try anything, and I put a bullet in her foot.”
Tears blurred Kathryn’s vision, but she tried to study her soon-to-be prison. At least she noted the position of the light switch on the wall. Fingers crossed, she prayed Farlaise didn’t shut off the power.
Luke returned with the empty cage, and although he waited for the next instruction, he already knew where this was headed.
Farlaise’s laugh dripped menace. “I’m happy for Jack to shoot your lady friend. In fact I’ll insist on it unless you screw yourself back in that cage.”
Luke gave him a cold stare, but he twisted his body back inside that tiny cage.
Farlaise laughed again. “Right, Kathryn Johnson, if you won’t tell me where my money is, you better hope your boss pays me back, with interest of course. You can survive in here for months. The previous owner was a prepper. If you ever figure out how to get at it, you’ll find most of the stuff’s past its sell-by date.”
Jack’s grin was malevolence and evil. “And we removed the weapons. You better hope someone pays the ransom before the food runs out. If I were you, I’d leave the bitch to starve in her cage.”
Farlaise swung the door shut with a metallic clang. The darkness felt thicker than tar. It swamped Kathryn, shattering her fragile barriers and making her shove at the bars. When they didn’t move, she screamed. “Get me out of this thing. I can’t see. Where are you? For God’s sake, get me out of here. I don’t want to die in a dog cage.”

Monday, 26 August 2019

Forever Molly by Alyssa Bailey #Action&Adventure, #Contemporary, #Cowboy&Western, #Mystery & Suspense

The O’Connors: Loving sassy women for three generations.


Forever is a long time to live with the wrong decision.
Newlywed Molly O’Connor loves a mystery of any kind and solving them gets her blood pumping
almost as much as her new husband Cián O’Connor. Cián wants his wife to ease into her new life
and is open to any way she finds comfortable. Soon, however, it becomes obvious that running a
clinic, orienting to a large Irish family, and dealing with her protective husband isn’t enough
excitement for the love of his life.

When things progress from a little harmless fun to horse thefts, assaults, kidnapping, and even
murder, Cián puts his foot down. Despite his admonitions, his bride is too emmeshed in the events
going on around them to heed his warnings for long. Molly becomes secretive, refusing to let go until
it’s too late, putting herself and her family in grave danger.

It will take help from the entire O’Connor clan along with some special friends to ensure the young
couple’s forever isn’t over before it begins.


The spice of life is a sassy wife.


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You scared the living hell out of me, and you can believe I’m going to spank the devil out of you.”



There was consent and implied consent. When it was discipline, it was implied, and he needed
nothing more to carry out his duty to her, but when it was for mood and her imbalance, it was
important to him to have new consent. In this case it was both, her mood today and its associated
meanness as well as discipline from her unaddressed behavior and disobedience the night of the
assault. His brothers didn’t always see it that way, but it was his wife, his marriage, his life. This is
how he wanted to live it.

“I don’t want your charity.”

Cián sighed. Maybe his brothers were on to something after all. They had been married longer.
He probably should just spank the mood out of her.

“Aingeal, I have no idea why you are so petulant or what it is you think you want but I can tell
you what I want, and right now.”
She stared at him with her teeth biting her lower lip. “And it has become obvious that it’s what
you want too but you don’t know how to ask. I don’t know what’s gotten into you, but I have a
proven method on how to get it out.”

Molly’s pupils dilated in widened eyes as she looked at Cián in dawning realization of his intent.
“Um, I’m fine. Really. Let me clear the dishes and I’ll get my coat.” When he didn’t stop her from
her task, he watched her grow tense. Instead of trying to smooth things over, her shoulders stiffened,
her movements were angry. She roughly tossed things around making plenty of noise.

“Give me your hand, aingeal.” She ignored him, busying herself with wiping the counters.

Cián stood back to see if she could settle herself. But she simply rattled dishes and when he
touched her arm, she shoved away from him a third time, turning to gather the fry pan. That was
enough. Time to help her get rid of the angst. He grabbed the spatula still on the table and walked toward his girl.


“You drive me crazy. I want to kiss you, spank you, and make love to you every day.”


About Alyssa

USA Today and #1 International best-selling author, Alyssa Bailey, lives amongst the beauty of
Southeast Alaska. She lives where the sky meets the rainforest on the mountains; the mountains touch
the ocean, and the wildlife frolic on land, sea, and air. Humans, the ultimate interlopers, are wedged
in where allowed and are properly thankful for the privilege.

Alyssa loves writing realistic romance for the naughty in all of us. Writing power exchanges between
strong, intelligent, sassy women who are not afraid to make a stand and men confident enough to give
his woman space, but Alpha enough to keep her safe despite her choices is a common theme.

She loves series and finds she is expanding her horizons and comfort zone with every new book.
Sometimes, suspense and mystery stirs the plot. HEA’s are her passion. 


“Remember, I spank for naughty”


Note about penning this book:
This last trilogy and especially the last book was difficult for me. I have grown as an author during
the writing of the O’Connors. If you start from the beginning, with Liam and Jocelyn, you will not
only follow the progression of the family storyline but the story of my writing. 

There were plenty of ups and downs and growing pains but at the end of the day, like the O’Connors,
I like where I am. And like them, the next generation is in full swing and their third generation is
beginning to find love as I am beginning to spread my own wings to spaces and places I never
thought to go.  

I hope you have fallen in love with the O’Connors. Would you like to know of other new and
wonderful places my writing might take us? 

Check out the venue of your choice below and follow me.  

You can find Alyssa online:

Twitter: @blushingalyssa
Blog/web page:  http://alyssabailey.com/

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Tuesday, 20 August 2019

Submitting to the Lawyer by BJ Wayne

His hot touch was the only escape from the invasive cold.   


His experienced touch coaxed her out of the darkness into the light, but will another threat to her sanity jeopardize their future?

Will they both let their reluctance to admit they want more from the other cost them everything?
Nan Meyers returns to her beloved hometown of Willow Springs a broken woman, ten months after leaving for what was supposed to be a short vacation with her brother. For years she’d enjoyed an active sexual lifestyle at the local BDSM club owned by her friends, but the trauma she endured while away has stripped her of those pleasures, leaving her determined to get her life back. 
Dan Shylock greets the news of his friend and favorite submissive’s return with relief. After Nan cut off all communication with him and her other friends several weeks after going on vacation, her silence had both worried and angered him. Seeing the changes in her upon her return stirs up his suspicions, and when she reveals hints of suffering from an abusive trauma, his protective instincts and determination to help her kick into high gear. 
As Dan slowly coaxes Nan back into embracing the pain induced pleasures she once loved, their growing feelings for each other come to the surface. But before either can come to terms with how they feel, the truth about the strange mishaps Nan has been experiencing almost costs her her life. Will Dan get there in time to save her?
This is book four in the Cowboy Doms series but can be enjoyed as a standalone.
Publisher’s Note: This steamy, contemporary Western romance contains elements of ménage, mystery, suspense, and power exchange. 

Her golden eyes blazed with a need that shredded his control.



“The sub I remember would have vibrated with excitement at the mention
of punishment and jumped to embrace the prospect.”  
That deep voice, the only one to slither past the fear and pain numbing
her mind during three days of huddling in cold, complete darkness, now
drew a wave of rippling uncertainty.  After taking another long drink,
she swiveled to face Dan, leaned forward with a small grin and managed
to pull up the old Nan still struggling to re-emerge.  
“Master Dan.  For you, I might change my mind.”
Apparently, she wouldn’t make a good actress.  His narrowed dark eyes
and tight set to his mouth signaled he saw through her attempt to flirt
and tease with him.  She didn’t like the calculated gleam that entered
his eyes as he removed his hat and tossed it on the bar top. He fisted his
hands on his hips, drawing her gaze to the thick, wide belt around
his waist and she recalled the sting of the supple leather snapping across
her buttocks.  The quick, welcome rush of heat subsided as he held out his
hand, a silent invitation he’d issued, and she’d accepted, countless times before.
Nan started to reach for him, ignoring the churning in her gut, determined
to move forward no matter what, when the sudden whoosh and snap
of leather striking bare skin followed by a high-pitched screech echoed
down from the loft and pitched her back into that dark space where the
same sound had delivered waves of excruciating agony.  Bile pushed up
to clog her throat and freeze her acceptance of Master Dan’s offer. She
squeezed her eyes shut, the only way to keep from looking up at the
source of another flesh-connecting snap. Jerking as if struck, the memory
of searing pain splitting her skin and blood dripping swept back to haunt her.  
“Breathe, Nan.”  Master Dan emphasized that command by pushing her head
down and massaging the tight muscles of her upper back.
She fought the swell of despair and humiliation as hard as she struggled
to breathe in.  I’m still as much of a pathetic mess as I was months ago
The thought pissed her off as fast as that sound hurled her back to a place she never wanted to go again.
His experienced touch coaxed her out of the darkness into the light, but will another threat to her sanity jeopardize their future?
I live in the Midwest with my husband and our dog, a lovable Great
Pyrenees/Standard Poodle.  I love dogs, enjoy spending time with my
daughter, babysitting dogs and kids, reading and working puzzles.  We have
traveled extensively throughout the states, Canada and just once overseas, but
I now prefer being a homebody.  I worked for a while writing articles for
a local magazine but soon found my interest in writing for myself peaking.
My first book was strictly spanking erotica, but I slowly evolved to writing
erotic spanking romance with a touch of suspense.  My favorite genre to
read is suspense.