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Tuesday, 29 March 2016

Seven facts about Werewolves

1     Another name for Werewolves is Lycanthropes. It comes from the Greek - lykoi for wolf and anthopos for man.

2     Ovid wrote how King Lycaeon of Arcadia murdered Nictumus, one of his fifty sons and fed his flesh to the God Zeus. Disgusted, Zeus turned Lycaeon into a werewolf with a taste for human flesh and brought the murdered boy back to life. Great for the boy, but not so good for the rest of us as Zeus unleashed werewolves into the world.

3     In Argentina, the people call werewolves Luison or el lobison. Belief has it that the seventh son of an all-male family will turn into a Luison. Parents were so scared they murdered or abandoned their own children. Eventually, President Juan Domingo Peron (1895-1974) announced he would give all seventh sons a gold medal when they were baptized and that they would receive a scholarship to pay for their studies until they reached 21.

4     The loupe garou is an American or Canadian werewolf and a bit of a French immigrant. This is an unfortunate soul who has been cursed with lycanthropey. He can turn into a wolf at will. When he changes, he retains his sense of identity and purpose. He might be the best sort to meet on a dark night, as long as you haven’t wronged him.

5     The second type of American werewolf is the Native American Wendigo but he’s pure malice and evil. He relishes the taste of human flesh, so he’d definitely one to avoid.

6     In Russia, to turn werewolf, all you have to do is wander into the forest, stick a knife in a tree, and dance around it while saying incantations that let the wolf into your soul. Anyone watching would probably think they’d downed too much vodka.

7     Silver bullets can kill a werewolf. Ancient scholars linked seven metals are linked with seven planets. Gold for the Sun, Mercury for Mercury, Copper for Venus, Iron for Mars, Tin for Jupiter, Lead for Saturn, and Silver for the Moon. Since the werewolf is a creature linked to the moon it makes sense that an element linked to the moon would kill it. Oh, but the loupe garou… He can change at will so don’t waste your silver on him.  

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