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Thursday, 26 September 2019

Cameron & Rylan (A Chance Meeting Novel Book One) Valerie Ullmer

Cameron & Rylan (A Chance Meeting Novel Book One)
Valerie Ullmer

Genre:  New Adult M/M Romance

Cameron & Rylan (A Chance Meeting Novel Book One)



Cameron Hayes believed himself to be a dedicated friend and a good son but destined to be alone. 
Because in his twenty-one years, he’d never fallen for anyone. Dating never appealed to him when
he would rather spend a night at home.  Despite his friend’s best intentions for Cameron to
find a hookup for the night, he stayed at the bar as he nursed a beer. And that’s when Cameron
spotted him and everything he knew evaporated with one look.
Rylan Ellis wanted one night out without complications.  To forget about his overwhelming
responsibilities and stress at home.  He loved to lose himself in the music and ignore everyone around
him. But when he happened a glance at the bar and spotted the tall, broad, and sexy-as-sin man, he felt
drawn to him.
Soon, Cameron and Rylan learn about each other and establish their lives together.  They also have
to deal with a group of well-meaning friends, loving parents, and unexpected friendships.  But
most of all, a dangerous threat that could tear their lives apart.
Will a chance meeting turn into something more?
This novel contains heavy attraction at first sight and first-time gay sex between two men. 
There is no cheating or cliffhangers and ends with a happily ever after.


“Are you okay?”
Rylan swallowed at Cameron’s concern and nodded.  “Are you sure you still want me to move in?”
The look of concern on Cameron’s face made his throat feel tight.
“I want you safe but more than that, I want you in my life.  I still want you very much to move in
with me.”
“Yes to both.  I… I want that.”

Cameron’s gaze dropped to his mouth and paused for a long minute before he met Rylan’s
gaze.  “Can I kiss you?”

Oh, yes, please.

Unable to force the words past his throat, he nodded instead.
Rylan not knowing what to expect, couldn’t prevent the shiver when Cameron cupped his face
.  He moaned aloud when Cameron’s lips grazed over his lower one. Cameron took his
time exploring, searching and yet not deepening the kiss as he passed over Rylan’s lips with
his own.
“Rylan,” Cameron breathed.
That one word was all it took.
“I’ve wanted nothing more.”  Cameron tilted his mouth as he pressed their lips together,
causing Rylan’s entire world to tilt on its axis.

Rylan gripped Cameron’s hips tighter in his hold, pulling him closer, as Cameron slid his tongu
over the seam of his lips, asking for permission to enter.  Rylan eagerly opened, savoring the taste
of peppermint and black coffee as Cameron deepened the kiss and stole Rylan’s breath in the
same moment.
When they broke off and dragged in deep breaths, Cameron moved his lips behind his ear before
he explored Rylan’s neck.  Rylan tilted his head back, giving him access and drawing sensations
from his untried body that left him throbbing.

Rylan never knew his neck and the area behind his ear would turn him into mush.  He bit his lip
to prevent a moan from escaping his throat, but Cameron bit his earlobe and spoke.
“Let me hear you.”

“You’re driving me crazy.”

“Now you know how I felt the moment I spotted you on the dance floor.  For me,
saying something.”
Before Rylan could form a thought to reply, Cameron moved his mouth over Rylan’s and he
lost himself to the sensations that shivered throughout his body.  Cameron’s growl absorbed
his moan as he deepened the kiss, pulling him closer to his hard body.
Rylan’s eyes fluttered closed, unable to keep his eyes on the sexy-as-sin sight of Cameron’s
flushed face.  The kiss turned into an inferno and Rylan could feel his cock swelling in his
sweats and he knew if Cameron stepped closer, he would experience Rylan’s excitement first
He opened for Cameron’s exploration and instead of the intense sensations of an aggressive
kiss, Cameron’s slowed his movements as his tongue explored him until he was panting and
all thoughts disappeared.  There were only the sensations Cameron drew from him.


Valerie writes paranormal and contemporary romances with strong alpha males and brilliant,
beautiful heroines. She lives in Denver, Colorado with her wonderfully supportive husband and
their funny and wise black lab. She's addicted to coffee, crime shows, and reading and writing
character driven romances.


Monday, 23 September 2019

The Last Amanuensis By Lisabet Sarai poetry #tattoos #dystopia #erotica #authoritarian #militarism

Poetry is like bloodyou cant hold it back.

A former teacher and frustrated writer, Adele is grateful for her job as secretary to
the enigmatic Professor. During the day, she transcribes his learned treatises
 on a vast range of topics. Then he calls her to his room one night, to give her a
more difficult and intimate assignment, one that risks both their lives.

Speculative erotic fiction (2 flames)
Approximately 6,000 words
ISBN (Smashwords): 9780463788899

Buy Links

Amazon US
Amazon UK

Long Blurb

The Emperor has decreed that Reason will rule in his lands. Art and literature are 
banned in favor of military technology. 
The fearsome Preceptors prowl the capital, arresting anyone who dares, even secretly,
to engage in forbidden activities.
A former teacher and frustrated writer, Adele is grateful for her job as secretary to 
the enigmatic Professor. During the day, she transcribes his learned treatises on a vast range of topics. 
Then he calls her to his room one night, to give her a more difficult and intimate assignment, 
one that risks both their lives.

Excerpt (Erotic)

Finished, sir.I don't need to tell him this, of course. After all the nights we've
spent together, he can read me at least as clearly as I do him. Indeed, I suspect he knew long before I did who I was and what I was capable of doing.

Thank you, Adele.With practiced care, he rolls to his side and favors me with one
of his rare smiles. I notice he's half erect and a wave of heat shimmers through me, tightening my nipples and moistening my sex.

I remember my curiosity that first time. In fact, his penis is one of the only areas that
remains undecorated. Pale, pure, it stirs in the sparse nest of gray hair at his groin.
Saliva gathers in my mouth. My hunger has only grown over the months that I've served as his amanuensishunger for his verse-inscribed body, his dazzling intellect, his courageous and sensitive soul.

I am deeply in debt to you,he continues, apparently oblivious to my arousal.Would 
you do one more thing for me?

Gladly.I don't demur for an instant. I'll do whatever he asks.

In the chifferobe, on the top shelf, you'll find a wooden box. Bring it here, if you 
please. Then get the key, which is under the clock on the mantel.

I don't know what to expect from the box. Certainly not the pouch of gold coins he 
removes and drops into my palm.For your loyalty and dedication,he tells me.Use this
to escape. Leave the Empire. Find somewhere you can write those stories you dream.

But, sir, I don't want to leave you...Sudden dizziness seizes me. I slump down on the
bed beside him, paralyzed by sorrow and need.

Tonight's poem was the last, Adele. As of tomorrow, your services will no 
longer be required.

Nopleasedon't send me away...I seize his illuminated thigh, making new marks
with my fingernails. Only when I see the pain in his eyes do I release my grip. I know 
that the bloody crescents I've carved are not responsible for his distress.I need you, sir.
I can't live without you.

Nonsense! You're young, strong, full of life. You have a bright future, if you can manage
to get out of this hellish country. As for me, my last days are ticking away. And I have accomplished what I set out to dowith your help, my dear.

He reaches out to brush my cheek with his fingersonly the second or third time he has ever deliberately touched meand I dissolve into tears. I fling my arms around his neck, mashing my breasts against his tattooed chest, and flatten him to the bed. He gasps as the mattress presses against tonight's work, but for once I ignore his pain. In an instant I'm straddling him, fighting to remove my voluminous nightdress and bare my own skin to his gaze.

“Adele...get hold of yourself!he admonishes in his most professorial tones. Still, he does not resist as I grasp his cock and stroke him to full hardness. I take him into me, swaddling him in my wet heat. His eyes grow wide as I clench around his surprising bulk and ride him as I've dreamed of doing for so many monthssince that first night, really, when he trusted me with his secrets.

About Lisabet
From my elementary school years, when I devoured everything I could find by Asimov, Heinlein and Bradbury, Ive been drawn to speculative fiction. Now that Im an author myself, I create my own futurescapes. My visions are sometimes bleakbut always illumined by desire.