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Tuesday, 23 April 2019

Jade by Valerie Ullmer #paranormal #erotic #romance

Jade (A Dark Assassins Novel Book Four)
By Valerie Ullmer

A Paranormal Erotic Romance


Jade never wanted a mate.  She loved being an assassin and she had a family in her fellow assassins, their mates, and little Silas.  She truly had everything she needed. But when Ghost assigned her to track the same immortals who tried to kill Xander’s family, she couldn’t refuse.  

But the complication arises when Ghost requests she partner with Noah, a human and ex-special forces soldier.  Jade has never worked with a human before, much less one that hated her from the moment he laid eyes on her. But she was a professional and if she could play a part in destroying the immortals who threatened her family, she could accept the human.  If only she knew how to fight her attraction to him.

All Noah Hale wanted was to kill the immortals who lured his best friend and fellow ex-Navy SEAL to his death.  He had no desire to be teamed with a beautiful tracker who mesmerized him the moment she turned her emerald eyes his way.  But in order to stop other soldiers from pursuing the same fate, he needed to swallow his pride and work with a group of immortals he didn’t trust.

As Jade and Noah track the group of shifters through the mountains of Colorado, the danger lurking around every corner threatens everything they both hold close.  Will they be able to find a way through, together?

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Jade caught a scent of a human as she entered the fourteen-story building in downtown Snowfall.  It wasn’t just any human scent, but something that made all of her instincts flare. She knew that she’d never caught this particular scent before, but something told her that this human might be important to her.  She tried to brush it off as quickly as the thought came, but she couldn’t find it coincidental she smelled it in the same steel building owned by Ghost and housed the headquarters of Dark Company.
As she dismissed the fleeting thought of searching for the scent, her heart thumped once, hard, in her chest at the thought of not finding its owner.  She forced herself to walk toward the elevator bank, ignoring the unwanted perusals she received from the men in the lobby. Even in an unassuming hoodie and black yoga pants, she drew unwanted attention.  A side effect of being an immortal.
The elevator opened as soon as she pressed the up-button and she kept her gaze down as she walked into the elevator.  She entered the code to get to Ghost’s private floor, her movements too quick to be caught by the human eye, before she squeezed into the corner.  Jade used her other senses as three men in suits and two women entered the enclosed space with her. There was no need to glance at the glass interior that covered the back wall to see what she looked like.
She sensed eyes on her.  Instead of searching out the gaze, she whipped her long, straight dyed black hair into a bun on the back of her head with quick movements before sneaking her hands into the front pockets of her hoodie.
Jade waited patiently as the car traveled toward the penthouse, her ultimate destination, but she couldn’t help but try to find the intriguing scent from earlier.
After my meeting.
All she knew was he hadn’t used the particular elevator she was in and the higher the lift took her in the building, the more his scent dissipated.
In her entire existence, or what she remembered of it, she’d never been attracted to…anyone.  She’d never felt the pull to find someone either. But lately, she’d felt increasingly restless whenever she had any downtime and her skin tingled in a way that had nothing to do with signaling immediate danger.  It was as though her body tried to convey something she didn’t understand.
Her thoughts were interrupted when a man who had gotten into the elevator with her on the first floor stepped into her personal space.
“Hey, beautiful?”
Jade rolled her eyes and raised her head to glare at the man.  Of course, he wouldn’t take the hint that she wanted to be left alone.  To emphasize the point, she crossed her arms and leaned against the wall, moving away from his intrusion.
The man decided to take this as an invitation and moved to wrap his arm around her waist.  The move gave her a clear shot to his ribs and she took it, gently moving her elbow back and making contact.  She flinched when she heard a distinctive crack, realizing she hadn’t been careful enough. Before she could apologize, the elevator door opened and he ran off without looking back, holding onto his side.
She sighed.

About Valerie Ullmer

Valerie writes paranormal and contemporary M/F and M/M erotic romances. She lives in Denver, Colorado with her wonderfully supportive husband and their funny and wise black lab. She's addicted to coffee, crime shows, and reading and writing character-driven romances.

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Thursday, 11 April 2019

Branwyn’s Love by Daryl Devoire #hotread #erotic #cortesan #lovee

The talented Daryl Devoire dropped by to talk about her lastest hot romance. 


Daryl Devoré pens another hot read – the medieval romance -Branwyn’s Love.

The tale of a young woman sold as a courtesan in training. Branwyn arrives in a new land to begin daily lessons in the bewildering art of bedding a man.

The noblewoman chosen to be Prince Malacke’s bride rejects him by bedding his hated rival. Malacke turns his anger towards increasing the power and wealth of Black Dorn castle. And he succeeds until his attention is captured by the face of the woman who will be his queen.

Note: This book contains elements of domination, submission, and fetishes. If these concepts disturb you, please do not purchase or read this book. Branwyn’s Love was formerly known as Black Dorn and published by New Dawning.

Excerpt – R rated

Note – Gon-dra – means Prince
As Branwyn walked down the passageway, no sounds echoed. Guards snapped to attention as she passed. Someone cried out. Not a cry of grief, but one of bliss. She hurried in the direction she believed it came from. Standing next to a broad door, what she heard caused her to pause. “Gon-Dra. Release into me. More. More! More!”

Branwyn opened the door enough to slip
inside. It was a large room, one she had never been in. At the far end, Malacke pounded himself into a screaming dune. She sat in a chair, with her raised legs suspended by straps. He held her roughly by her hair and possessed her with a furious energy. From the doorway, Branwyn could see the sweat rolling off his back.

“No wait, I am not ready to surrender,” the dune called.

“…care not!” he gasped slamming himself into her with such force that the chair moved. “Aaaah!” When his breath returned, he slipped his manhood out of her. As he dressed he said, “Release yourself. It is not the concern of the gon-dra if a dune is pleasured.” He exited by a side door.

The dune struggled to free her legs from their straps. Seed from Malacke dripped from her pleasure hole. Branwyn crossed the room. “You are Sasha?”

The dune nodded.

“Let me finish you. You need releasing.”
Sweat dripped from Sasha’s face. “There.” She pointed to a manhood-shaped object on the floor.
“Use it inside me.”

“It is shaped like a swollen man.”
“Yes, it is used when no man is around and you wish to pleasure yourself. Have you not learned?”

Branwyn shook her head.

“Place it in me. Yes, slide it back and forth like a man, were he to be bedding me.” The dune rubbed her clit while she squeezed her nipple. “Harder.”

Fascinated at the motion of the manhood sliding in and out of the dune, Branwyn tried to give her the satisfaction she’d been denied by Malacke. Her groans and the slurping sounds from where her pleasure came from filling the room. The dune demanded more, harder and faster. Branwyn’s arm ached.
The dune’s body gave a short convulse. “Oh. Oh. I surrender. I surrender!” Branwyn continued her movements for a moment then slowed. When the dune relaxed, she pulled out the artificial manhood.

Branwyn lowered the dune’s legs and helped her out of the chair.

“I will sleep here.” Sasha dropped to a pillow on the floor.

“No, you need your bed. Can you walk?”
“I do not think so. I feel like I have been torn into two. The gon-dra’s powerful in his thrusts, but he seemed possessed by something this evening. A demon he could not expel.”

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Friday, 5 April 2019

Kings, Queens, and German shells @kryssiefortune #history #Scarborough #Castle

Scarborough Castle sits on a 300 foot, steep-sided headland. People have lived there for over 3,000 years. There’s a fresh water well, so the inhabitants always had drinking water.
The Romans built a signal station on the headland. When they left, the Vikings moved in. An Icelandic saga claims Harold Hardrada captured the headland. He fired the settlement, and his troops hurled burning brands at the town below.
King Harold defeated him at Stamford Bridge 1066. That’s the same King Harold who was shot in the eye by a Norman arrow at Hastings a few weeks later.

Leap forward just over one hundred years. By now, thanks to the wool trade, Scarborough’s a thriving port. A wooden fort stood on the headland. King Henry ll ordered it be replaced with a stone castle. He’s the father of Richard the Lionheart and King John—both immortalized in the Robin Hood legends.

Those are the ruins we can see today.

Piers Gaveston—possible lover of King Edward ll—settled there in 1311. Hated by the British Barons, he fortified the castle. Later, while en route to Kenilworth Castle, two Welshmen ran him through with a sword and beheaded him. Some claim his headless ghost haunts Scarborough Castle, but I’ve never seen it.
Legend has it that the king's lifestyle saw him murdered by the insertion of a red-hot poker up his back passage.  

During the Wars of the Roses, King Richard lll spent a year there, trying to rally a fleet to fight the Tudors.

Leap forward again. Mid seventeenth century, the English Civil War raged. Parliamentarians and Royalists both wanted the castle. It changed hands seven times during the conflict.

In 1652 the war ended. A year later, George Fox was imprisoned there for his religious beliefs. His strong belief established the Quakers, both in Britain and America.

During the 18th century, the castle was fortified in case of a Jacobite uprising. During the Napoleonic wars, the army stationed a garrison there. They watched for an invading force and guarded the French prisoners held in it.

In 1914 German warships shelled Scarborough. Their shells breached the curtain wall. Two more hit the central keep, but its 30-foot-thick 12th century walls withstood the bombardment. Scarborough is one of my favorite places. 

My latest book, Taken as Theirs is set in a post a post-apocalyptic world. It starts inside the rebuilt castle. Despite its prominent position, my heroine is kidnapped from there.

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As a breeder--one of the few fertile women left in a ruined, plague-ravaged world--Cassie would fetch a handsome price at auction, and selling her to the highest bidder was exactly what her captors had in mind... until two fearsome beasts decided to take her for themselves.

Eli and Dane have chosen Cassie for their mate, and when she makes a foolish attempt at escape she quickly ends up tearfully promising obedience as her bare bottom is soundly and shamefully punished. Her body's response to their stern dominance cannot be denied, however, and it isn't long before she is screaming out her intense, helpless pleasure as she is roughly and thoroughly claimed. But will Eli and Dane's pack accept a human girl or will Cassie be an outsider forever?

Publisher's Note: Taken as Theirs includes spankings and sexual scenes. If such material offends you, please don't buy this book.

Monday, 1 April 2019

Fairy Fun - a short story by by Anita philmar #eroticromance , #hotfairytale @anitaphilmar ,

How do you find your prince charming?


Dedrick Forester, Prince of Endole, is fast approaching the end of his fairy cycle, which means losing his ability to fly, transforming into a wood gnome, and having to choose a mate. Until then he just wants to have fun...and lots of sex. 

King Rosewood of Evermore is determined to see his daughter wed, but Chloe loves the freedom of fairy flight too much to settle down as a frumpy old wood gnome. She escapes and spreads her wings to reach new heights...like air sex with a stranger. 

Combine her passion with Dedrick's and sparks light up the sky. Both discover pleasure beyond their wildest fantasies. But neither is prepared for the emotional connection. Now Dedrick must convince Chloe that losing her wings doesn't mean there aren't other ways to fly? 

Air sex is a possibility.

Author Synopsis:

A fairy tale that teaches that even though it is fun to taste the sweet nectar of different mates. There is a major difference when you find true love.

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Last fling before getting married.

Intrigued by her suggestion of air-sex, Dedrick touched his glass to hers. Energy sizzled down his spine, and he fought his impatience. “Dedrick, and when would you like to give it a go?”
After taking a long swig, she dabbed her finger at each corner of her mouth. “Why not right now?”
His cock jumped and his brain hit overload. He forced his unsteady hands to lower his shell back to the bar. Was she just teasing him? “Last I looked it was raining.”
She grinned before raising her drink to her lips and tipping back her drink. Was the lady looking for Dutch chocolate courage?
She set down her shell and raised a brow. “I bet it’s stopped by now. And if not, the canopy of the trees should protect us from most of the heavy drops.”
He glanced at her body again and wondered if he’d fallen into an erotic dream. “I’m game if you are?”

More about Anita Philmar

Anita likes to create stories that push the limit. A writer by day and a dreamer by night she wants her readers to see the world in a new way.
Influenced by sci-fi programs, she likes to develop places where anything can happen and where erotic moments come to life in a great read.
Naughty or Nice?
Read her books and decide.

Email: anitaphilmar@yahoo.com

Other Books by Anita

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Other Historical Western – Texas Passion – A girl determine to get her man no matter the cost.

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