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Friday, 5 April 2019

Kings, Queens, and German shells @kryssiefortune #history #Scarborough #Castle

Scarborough Castle sits on a 300 foot, steep-sided headland. People have lived there for over 3,000 years. There’s a fresh water well, so the inhabitants always had drinking water.
The Romans built a signal station on the headland. When they left, the Vikings moved in. An Icelandic saga claims Harold Hardrada captured the headland. He fired the settlement, and his troops hurled burning brands at the town below.
King Harold defeated him at Stamford Bridge 1066. That’s the same King Harold who was shot in the eye by a Norman arrow at Hastings a few weeks later.

Leap forward just over one hundred years. By now, thanks to the wool trade, Scarborough’s a thriving port. A wooden fort stood on the headland. King Henry ll ordered it be replaced with a stone castle. He’s the father of Richard the Lionheart and King John—both immortalized in the Robin Hood legends.

Those are the ruins we can see today.

Piers Gaveston—possible lover of King Edward ll—settled there in 1311. Hated by the British Barons, he fortified the castle. Later, while en route to Kenilworth Castle, two Welshmen ran him through with a sword and beheaded him. Some claim his headless ghost haunts Scarborough Castle, but I’ve never seen it.
Legend has it that the king's lifestyle saw him murdered by the insertion of a red-hot poker up his back passage.  

During the Wars of the Roses, King Richard lll spent a year there, trying to rally a fleet to fight the Tudors.

Leap forward again. Mid seventeenth century, the English Civil War raged. Parliamentarians and Royalists both wanted the castle. It changed hands seven times during the conflict.

In 1652 the war ended. A year later, George Fox was imprisoned there for his religious beliefs. His strong belief established the Quakers, both in Britain and America.

During the 18th century, the castle was fortified in case of a Jacobite uprising. During the Napoleonic wars, the army stationed a garrison there. They watched for an invading force and guarded the French prisoners held in it.

In 1914 German warships shelled Scarborough. Their shells breached the curtain wall. Two more hit the central keep, but its 30-foot-thick 12th century walls withstood the bombardment. Scarborough is one of my favorite places. 

My latest book, Taken as Theirs is set in a post a post-apocalyptic world. It starts inside the rebuilt castle. Despite its prominent position, my heroine is kidnapped from there.

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Publisher's Note: Taken as Theirs includes spankings and sexual scenes. If such material offends you, please don't buy this book.

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