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Monday, 23 December 2019

Bound to the Admiral by Libby Campbell - #fantasy #scifi #naughty #erotica #HEA #alphahero #feisty #spanking #DD by

She’s a princess and he’s an admiral. Can he tame her mutinous behavior?

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When her parents choose a gruff, battle-hardened admiral as her mate and give her no say at all in the matter, twenty-one-year-old Princess Gael does not hesitate to make her displeasure known. Despite her protests, however, her old-fashioned yet undeniably sexy husband-to-be wastes no time in taking her over his knee and baring her bottom for a painful, embarrassing spanking when she defies him during an ancient ceremony intended to celebrate their union.

Fleet Admiral Kai Grenville has no doubt that taming his beautiful, feisty new mate will be a battle, but it is a battle he intends to win. If that means paddling Gael’s beautiful backside bright red with her panties stuffed in her mouth to teach her what happens to sassy mates, then so be it.

Though she does her best to remain indignant about her situation and Kai’s willingness to chastise her as often and as shamefully as he feels it necessary, Gael cannot deny her body’s response to his dominance, and when he claims her the pleasure is more intense than she would have thought possible. But with a plague ravaging their world and Gael’s reckless behavior putting her in danger, can Kai find a way to conquer her heart while also keeping her safe?

This standalone novel has a satisfying ending and can be read as a standalone or as part of the series.

Publisher’s Note: Bound to the Admiral includes spankings and sexual scenes. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.

Learn more about the planet Devmaer and its sizzling people with the prequel novella Bound to the Past. It’s available FREE for a limited time on Book Funnel here. Or buy it here: Amazon

Kai and Gael are water and oil. They can never be blended.


On the writing desk in Kai’s chamber lay a gift package. Wrapped in pale blue silk and tied with a midnight blue ribbon, it was clearly paddle-shaped. Paddles were a common joining gift in Senne. They were sold in shops along with binding ribbons and other ceremonial keepsakes. Gael knew that some couples treated them as a joke, leaving them in a drawer with pretty garters and other souvenirs. She’d seen some proudly displayed on mantelpieces beside family photos. But she never thought anyone would have the audacity to give her one. She didn’t often use her title and position to avoid unpleasantness, but she would have now if she could.

Kai handed it to her and the weight of it made her catch her breath. It was exactly what she feared. She read the small tag that hung from the midnight blue ribbon. To Princess Gael and Admiral Kai with every good wish for a happy union.

“You may open it,” he said, watching her intensely. 

With an enormous effort she forced her demeanor to remain neutral, not wanting the dread surging through her to register on her face. “Who is it from?” she asked, grateful that her hands weren’t shaking as she undid the bow.

“You’ve seen the tag. You know as much as I do. My guess is that it must be from someone close to you, someone who knows how difficult it’s going to be for you to settle into a joined life for four years.” The corners of his mouth lifted in a knowing smile.

Gael stared at his resolute, unreadable face, wondering how she would manage for the duration of their mateship. Four years. That’s how long the vows would bind them. It might as well be forever. 

When the silk fell away, she held a long-handled ochre-colored paddle. One side of the round head was decorated with Celtic knots. The other side had the words naughty girl carved into it backwards. She puzzled over it, tracing the letters with her index finger.

“It’s written in reverse so that when it’s properly used, at length and on the same spot, those words will be paddled into your backside.” Kai said coolly. 

Gael shoved the package at him, trying to step away.

He caught her by the wrist and his huge hand engulfed hers. Once again, his muscular fingers imprisoned her wrist as effectively as an iron manacle. She was helpless against his superior strength. Worse still, the memory of how those powerful hands had lit her backside on fire and drenched her pussy weakened her at the knees.

“Don’t make your fate any worse that it is already,” he said, his voice soft.

Gael looked around the room, wide-eyed, as if an escape portal might magically appear. 

Kai nodded at the paddle. “This is a fine gift. We must use it immediately for good luck.” He sat on the end of the bed, drawing her close to him.

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Libby Campbell in her own words:
My romance novels feature strong, self-reliant women and the powerful men who love them. Romantic by nature, I write the stories I want to read: those that feature a spicy power exchange and deliver a sting in the tale.

Canadian by birth, I also lived in Australia for a couple of decades. While living there I overcame my aversion to saucer-sized spiders and, as a condition of marriage to my Aussie Prince Charming, I swore a lifelong allegiance to the Melbourne Football Club. 

Then family called and my husband and I packed up and moved. We now live on a rocky island on Canada’s West Coast, close to beaches that once were frequented by smugglers and rumrunners.
My passions are reading and writing. I adore all animals and love hiking, beachcombing, and an occasional night of dancing. 

Connect with Libby Campbell on social media:

Sign up for her newsletter here: Libby Campbell newsletter 
Visit her website and blog here: Libby Campbell
Follow her on Twitter: @LibbyC26 
Visit her Amazon author page: https://amazon.com/author/libbycampbell
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Question and answers with Libby Campbell

This series seems to be darker than anything you’ve written before. Is it a new trend for you?

Yes and no. The series does have more sex and BDSM play but, like all my books, the erotica is underscored by caring relationships that build to great love.
I enjoy tracing the evolution of power-exchange relationships founded on trust, trial and error, love and laugher.

What was your inspiration for Bound to the Admiral?

In 2018 my husband and I toured the Washington and Oregon coasts. I fell in love with the beautiful lighthouses that dot that coastline. They were all so different but symbolized hope and safety to ships at sea.
Plus they kind of reminded me of tiny castles and I love princess stories. Before I knew it, an entire series was shaping in my imagination and demanding to be written.

Does this book have a playlist?

I rarely play music when I’m writing but one song I listened to a lot while writing this book was Rachel D’Arcy’s song Dance for You. I love the line “I won’t dance for anyone, but I will dance for you.” It’s Gael’s song! It’s available here: Amazon.
I also watched a lot of belly dancing by the amazing Cassandra Fox. 

What is the best part of writing?

When a reader enjoys a book enough to review it! It says we connected and that’s the greatest satisfaction a writer can have.

What is the hardest part?

Trying to convince my husband that I’m not writing instruction manuals. 
I read all my books aloud to him because he is a supportive listener and has an excellent memory for details that are easy to trip over as the narrative grows.

He laughs in all the right places, and tenses in the action scenes, all of which is encouraging in the moments of self doubt that plague every project.

Friday, 20 December 2019

Who Did That To You? #SatSpanks #excerpt #spanking #regency #romance

Happy Christmas my follow spanking lovers. This is the last hop before the big day. I hope Santa brings everything you want, especially if you feature on his naughty list. 

Today's excerpt happens when disabled Waterloo Veteran finds the woman he once bullied sneaking about at dawn. Alone, and unchaperoned, she's far from home. Clearly, she'd up to no good. Or is she? 

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Stonehurst stood back and studied Julianna’s arse. Bound for her punishment and his pleasure, she’d never looked lovelier. Turning her bottom scarlet would only heighten its perfection.

He slapped her behind so hard she yelped and twisted in her bonds. Then he spanked her again. Between each blow, he stroked his cock through his breeches. He wouldn’t allow her to keep putting herself in danger. “If I catch you up to no good again, I’ll take my belt to your arse.”

Another slap, harder than before. The sound of his palm smacking her flesh echoed through the stable. She wriggled like an eel in a trap. The movement sent her skirt tumbling down to her ankles. He didn’t want it interfering, so he shoved it higher this time.

Sobbing, she lay still as he ran his hand up her legs. He kept his touch feather light and teasing. When she looked over her shoulder, his smile gleamed with wicked intent. Moaning softly, she squeezed her thighs together as if trying to douse the heat in her cunny.

When his gaze moved higher, he stared at the juices glistening in her pussy. The contrast between them and her red arse delighted him. He paused, his hand resting on her derriere. When he spotted the enormous bruise at the base of her spine, he froze.

He looked closer, realizing it was a mix of older, yellow bruises and newer, vivid purple ones. Pushing her gown higher, he gasped. There were too many for her to have acquired them by accident. Moving in front of her, he sat on hay-strewn flagstones to better look into her eyes. “What happened? Where did those bruises come from?”

Rather than answer, she sobbed harder.

He wiped her tears with his finger. “God, Julianna, who did that to you? And are there more of them?”

Swallowing hard, she couldn’t speak for the sobs shaking her body. He cupped her chin in his hand and lifted her head. “I’ve acted like an ass. I don’t… I didn’t… Deuce take it, I hurt you far more than I intended. The bruises, puss? Who did that to you?”


When her brother tries to force her into a marriage with a detestable baron, Julianna Halstead flees the family estate she has helped manage since the death of her parents. But as she makes her escape late at night, Juliana’s carelessness nearly results in her being trampled by a galloping horse, and the steed’s handsome rider takes it upon himself to correct her right then and there.

Though having her bottom bared and soundly spanked on the side of the road leaves Juliana blushing crimson, the punishment arouses her intensely and her body’s helpless response cannot be hidden. To make matters worse, the gentleman over whose lap she was so firmly chastised turns out to be none other than Viscount Stonehurst, someone she has known since childhood.

When Stonehurst learns of Juliana’s predicament, he decides to make her his bride. She will be no ordinary wife, however. She will be something much more shameful. But even as she is leashed, collared, and put on display in a cage wearing only a tail, then brought out to be used in ways no proper lady should enjoy, will Juliana come to love her new life as the viscount’s pet?

Publisher’s Note: The Viscount’s Pet is a stand-alone novel which shares the Regency-era setting of Wickedly Used and His Innocent Bride. It includes spankings and sexual scenes. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.

Thursday, 19 December 2019

Cherry Pie and Mistletoe A Mature Holiday Romance By Lisabet Sarai #diner #romance #nostalgia #erotic #mistletoe

Some Christmas traditions improve with age.

New Release!

Cherry Pie and Mistletoe
A Mature Holiday Romance

By Lisabet Sarai

My friend, Lisabet Sarai has a new book out. Please take a look. 


At ten thirty on a stormy Christmas Eve, I really didn’t expect any business, but the sign for our diner out on the highway reads “open until midnight”, and I’m a woman of my word. Good thing I didn’t close; the half-frozen long haul trucker who wandered in really needed some hot coffee, not to mention a slice of my luscious cherry pie.

Something about the grizzled, bear-like man with the chocolate-brown eyes and ready laugh spun me back to my scandalous, sensual younger days. I hadn’t wanted anyone in years, but I wanted Dave Driver. Was I brave enough to act on my desire? And would he flee, screaming, from the amorous attentions of a white-haired little old lady?

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X-rated Excerpt

Dave tossed the jeans onto the floor, then addressed himself to my sensible cotton panties. When his fingers grazed the skin of my belly, though, above the elastic, I froze. All at once I remembered my age spots, my scars, my sparse gray pubic hair. Did I really want him to see the ugly truth? Most of the time I managed to forget my age. I still felt like the Marnie Anderson of my youth — painter, dancer, world traveler, free spirit, adventuress. Sex goddess. He wouldn’t see that woman, though. He’d never know her. All he’d see was the wrinkled, arthritic old lady she’d become.

“Dave…” I began, my hand on his. How could I soften the blow?

“Hush…” In one swift motion, he pulled my panties down and off. Before I could stop him, he used his big hands to part my thighs and buried his face in my pussy.

Oh God! I forgot to object. I forgot my name. A warm wave of pleasure washed over me as he ran his tongue along my groove, back and forth. At the end of each stroke, he gave a gentle flick to my clit. Delight sparked each time he nudged the sensitive bead of flesh. He burrowed deeper, sucking my labia into his mouth. My juices started to flow. He licked them up greedily, corkscrewing his tongue into my newly-slick channel until I whimpered and thrashed under the blissful assault.

I arched up, grinding my throbbing flesh against his clever mouth. He wriggled his hands under my buttocks and raised my hips off the bed so he could more conveniently consume me. Each stab of his tongue felt like a live wire applied to my clit. Second by second the sensations multiplied. The tingling knot in my pelvis drew tighter. The spasms his tongue triggered grew more and more acute. I dangled by a thread, on the verge of tumbling into ecstasy. I can’t take much more, I thought, but still he licked and sucked, tickled and probed, building the pleasure until it was beyond unbearable.

He continued to work on my pussy, pushing me higher, but not granting me relief. Maybe some other lover, from my active and colorful past, had bestowed this much oral delight. If so, I didn’t remember. Nothing could compare with this mouth, this tongue, these lips, here and now, savoring my flesh as though that was all that existed in the world.

I needed to come, more than I needed to breathe. “Please…” I moaned, unable to frame a full sentence, but my barely articulate plea was enough. Dave opened me wider and raked his teeth across my clit. A flicker of pain tore through me; the dam broke. My body jerked and my limbs flailed as pleasure took complete control. My lover held me tight, swallowing every drop of the flood released by my quivering sex. Velvet curtains of darkness closed around me.

I opened my eyes to find Dave kneeling between my splayed, sticky thighs, licking his lips.

“Are you all right?” he asked.

“What a silly question! Come here.” I pulled him down on top of me, into a kiss rich with my personal flavor. “Thank you. That was incredible.”

He grinned and nodded. “Yup. Even tastier than your cherry pie.”

About Lisabet

Lisabet Sarai became addicted to words at an early age. She began reading when she was four. She wrote her first story at five years old and her first poem at seven. Since then, she has written plays, tutorials, scholarly articles, marketing brochures, software specifications, self-help books, press releases, a five-hundred page dissertation, and lots of erotica and erotic romance Рover one hundred titles, and counting, in nearly every sub-genreparanormal, scifi, m̩nage, BDSM, GLBT, and more. Regardless of the genre, every one of her stories illustrates her motto: Imagination is the ultimate aphrodisiac.

Youll find information and excerpts from all Lisabets books on her website (http://www.lisabetsarai.com/books.html), along with more than fifty free stories and lots more. At her blog Beyond Romance (http://lisabetsarai.blogspot.com), she shares her philosophy and her news and hosts lots of other great authors. Shes also on Goodreads, Pinterest, and  Twitter. Join her VIP email list here: https://btn.ymlp.com/xgjjhmhugmgh