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Tuesday, 30 October 2018

Special Time Limited Offer – Marriage Mobsters and the Marine #MFRWHooks #99c #deal #romance #marine #99c

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Christmas sucks. No family. No tree. No decorations.

Abigail Montgomery lives for her regular visit to Masked Nights BDSM club. Thanks to her great-aunt’s will, she needs to abandon her spanking lifestyle and find a husband—fast.

Desperate, she advertises for a husband.

Jared Armstrong, a former, Marine, cold-blooded sniper, and occasional Dom, needs $125,000. Without it, Mobsters will murder his family. His solution – marry Abigail for her money. 

Jared plans to hunt down the mobsters then reimburse Abigail. Together they face extortion, a kidnapping, and an attempted murder. Along the way, Jared steals Abigail’s heart, but she’d promised him a divorce after two years. 

Will Jared walk away? Or can he work some Christmas magic and make their relationship real?

A stand-alone romance and Book One of the Heroes of Westhorpe Ridge Trilogy

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Hooded and bound, Abigail sobbed in the trunk of the car. When the engine roared to life, she tried to gauge the route by the number of left and right turns but failed miserably. The longer she lay there, the more her fears consumed her. Her stomach churned, but if she threw up, she’d choke. Her mouth dried. She’d sell her soul for a sip of water. The nylon rope around her wrists dug into her flesh. She felt stupid and weak for letting them take her so easily.

The way the vehicle bumped and bounced meant they’d gone off road. She prayed a stray rock would damage the car’s underbelly and bring them to a halt, but they kept going. Every bump threw her around like a leaf in a storm. Assuming she survived the next couple of days, her body would be a mass of bruises.

The engine stopped, and she heard a car door slam. She needed out of the trunk, but no one came for her. What if they abandon the car and leave me? I don’t want to die trussed up in a car trunk. A fresh wave of fear washed through her, along with a spike of adrenaline. Her body trembled, but time slowed and her thoughts cleared. She needed to take things one step at a time.

Step one—get her arms free. She wriggled around, hoping the rough ride had dislodged something she could use to cut the rope. Bingo. Her fingers touched a metal box. Maybe it held tools or a knife. She almost wept when she couldn’t open it. The hinge stuck out from the box, so she twisted some more, running the rope against the hinge. Periodically, she stopped and tensed her wrists in an attempt to pull the nylon strands apart.
She’d no idea how long she worked at her bonds. It seemed like hours until the rope finally gave way. Relieved tears filled her eyes. Rather than rub her wrists, she tugged off the hood and pulled the gag from her mouth. She’d never been so thirsty. She’d give anything for a cold beer right now.

Step two—find the release mechanism the law said every car should have in the trunk. She felt claustrophobic, so scared she could barely move, but she forced herself to concentrate. There, in the corner, a glow-in-the-dark lever beckoned. Wriggling like a maggot in a fisherman’s box, she kicked it for all she was worth, and the trunk lid popped 

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  1. wiggling like a maggot in a fisherman's box - amazing visual - a bit gross - but still amazing.

  2. Nice tension and good for her to manage to free herself

  3. Great excerpt. I think I held my breath while I read it!