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Monday, 1 October 2018

Seduced Under the Mistletoe - Trusting Her Highland Laird - Brandy Golden @brandygoldenyes #anthology #romance #christmas

Eileen is terrified of the dark; demons from her past haunt when the lights go out. But the world behind the blindfold beckons her, and she wants to try it for Gallagher’s sake. Can she place her all her trust in his waiting hands and make this a Christmas to remember?


 Eileen took a deep breath and slid her hand beneath the pillow, bringing out a fur-lined blindfold similar to the one that had been in the chest. She held it up to him, her fingers trembling slightly.

He took it gently from her grasp, his eyes gleaming in the firelight. “Ye want to put this on me?” he teased, his fingers stroking the softness of the fur.

“I...I want ye to put it on me,” she whispered, her throat dry.

Gallagher knelt in front of her. “Ye don’t have to do this, Leenie. I love ye just the way ye are. I told ye that.” He ran a large finger down the side of her cheek.

She searched his face, the kindness in his eyes, the square toughness of his jaw with it’s evening bristles. She loved this man, and she wanted him to know it. She wanted him to know that she trusted him with all her heart.

“Ye have saved my life, Gallagher. Not just physically, but mentally as well. I want to show ye how much I trust ye to love and keep me safe, and I need to prove to myself that I can open my mind and believe in ye in all ways.” She held her palm to his cheek. “I want ye to do this, for both of us.”

Gallagher paused for a moment, and then he finally nodded. “All right, let’s do this then, but if ye are frightened at any time, just reach up and pull it off. Promise me.”

“I promise. If I get frightened beyond what I can handle, I will do as ye say.”

“Close yer eyes then, my sweet lass.”

When she shut them, the blindfold came gently against her eyelids, blocking out the firelight, everything went completely dark. For a moment she was lost in a void, nothing beneath her or above her, a mindless thing in a dark world of panic, and then his hands rested on her shoulders.

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