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Saturday, 6 December 2014

Keep calm and Feed the Werewolf

I'm visited quite a few blogs recently, and shared some of recipes Ellie, heroine of To Mate A Werewolf, told me were favorites in Lykae mess.

Here's where I've been, and a chance to catch up.

Happy Baking

I kicked off with a recipe for New York Cheesecake - the one that Ellie, the heroine in To Mate a Werewolf, used to give the new cook a cheesecake facial. He definitely deserved it, but that girl has some guts, standing up to werewolf like that.

J. J. Dibenedetto writes about a woman who shares dreams. I wonder if she dreamed of making a party cake after reading this. Ellie made this for soldiers birthdays. It's a Lykae favorite.


N. N. Light shared one of Ellie's concern. Do werewolves eat enough fruit? Well, Ellie - the heroine in  - To Mate a Werewolf - found a way to hide apples in this delicious French Apple Cake.

Claire Dargin, shared another party cake recipe. Perfect for offering guests at Christmas. When one of her friends in the Tundra Toughs Pack engaged, they begged Ellie to bake it for the party.


On the 26th November, P. J.Layne offered everyone a slice of my husbands favorite Coffee and walnut cake. Werewolves and coffee don't usually mix. The caffeine drives them a little crazy, but they love the taste of this.


M M Jaye told everyone about my favourite cupcake recipe made with almonds and topped with lemon frosting. This one's another homebake that my family love.


Lindi Lamont shared about cheesecake - my heroine's weapon of choice. Yes. Really. I'm guessing the moral here is if you don't like her scars, then your mouth shut.


Suz de Mello offered everyone my homemade Victoria Sponge  - This is another of my family's favorites, and it took the prize at our allotment's show.


Jane Leopald Quinn stepped up and shared Ellie's recipe for White chocolate cake. This is a rare treat for werewolves, but one they constantly beg Ellie to bake.


Iris Blobel hosted my Christmas cake. I actually baked this one, bit the amazing decoration is down to my husband. Damn, but he's almost as good as Ellie. 


Nona Raines shared a tower of cupcakes, metaphysically at least. They all looked delicious. It wouldn't last long in the Lykae Mess.


So many cakes and recipes, but when you come down to it, Ellie was just looking for the recipe for love.
Did she find it?
Check this out and find out.

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A huge thank you to www.facebook.com/foodcakesblogger for letting me use their recipes and pictures as well as my own.

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