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Friday, 15 July 2016

Saturday Spanks - A Spanking For Molly - A Women Too Scared To Try Submission

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Everyone thinks Molly Pearson's a good girl, but her dreams are as naughty as can be.
She's fantasised over the Pearson Twins for years, not that they'd ever look at a mouse like her.
Her Cousin Angela tricks her into spending the weekend at a pleasure hotel - a place where lovers go to enact their fantasies.

Her cheeks heated, and she wished she’d kept her mouth shut. These girls would surely just scoff at her silly dreams. It didn’t stop her picturing her secret agent lover strutting toward her in his tux. Better still, make that lovers in the plural. The Pearson twins could put even Tom Hiddleston to shame.
They’d flirt, maybe even share a couple of drinks before they whisked her up to their hotel room and tried to spank the information out of her. Of course, they’d have to tie her up first. She’d never tried bondage or mingled pleasure with pain, but each night as she masturbated in her bed, she dreamed of being tied down and helpless, completely at her lovers’ mercy.

Angela tells the Pearson Twins that Molly's a brat who tries to top from the bottom. She insists Molly will be fine if they can push her into using her safeword. Of course, she never said anything to Molly.
The Twins carry her off to their dungeon, determined to make her safeword them.

The dull edge of a blade ran over her flesh as the sharp side cut through her figure-hugging outfit with ease. Her instinct demanded she twist and thrash in her bonds, but she hardly dare move let alone breathe in case the knife wielder’s hand slipped, and he carved bloody red ribbons in her flesh. She froze as these Doms cut the clothes from her body, but flames of pleasure shot down her spine. Naked, blindfolded, and bound, she whimpered as her newly bared ass hung off the end of the padded table.
Thwack. A hand landed on her exposed bottom, closely followed by another. She yelped as pain stung through her muscles. Another pair of blows. Another scream she couldn’t suppress. Her captors double-teamed her, spanking her bare butt in unison, and she … loved it.
Pain blurred her vision into rainbow colors. Agony claimed her, filled her, wound around her in tendrils tighter than her bonds. Her breathing came in short, sharp pants. She’d do anything, say anything to make this nightmare end, but something unfamiliar and delectable unfurled inside her. Beyond the pain, a new freedom beckoned.
Unbridled sensations broke free inside her. Hunger, heat, and desire—steamed through her cunt. Every blow made her nipples bead and her womb contract. She buried her face in the plastic padding to cover her screams. Her pussy clenched, and orgasm built like a slow-burning fuse inside her. These men made her ravenous and eager, but if this were for real, she’d loathe the way her body responded to them.
Another pair of blows landed, taking her to the volcano’s edge of orgasm, then one of her captors ran his hand through her cunt. When he found her clit, he pinched it hard. “Say the word, princess.”
Her lip trembled, and she almost begged him to fuck her. They could take turns while the other stood back and watched. Hell, she’d take one in her mouth and one in her pussy. Nothing mattered except they released the orgasm pent-up inside her. “Please? I…”
Damn it. She wouldn’t beg them for sex. She couldn’t, not when it might end this scene. Jaw clamped, she turned her head away from their voices, trying to blank out every need, every plea that they triggered inside her. It didn’t help that she whimpered and wriggled her ass like an animal in heat.
One of her captors chuckled, the sound pouring over her body like warm honey. It had to be the blond. The dark-haired one’s voice sounded as smooth and satisfying as a glass of malt whisky. Hearing either of them speak warmed her deep inside. No! She refused to think anything good about them, not yet. That spanking had taken her to a sensual height she’d never explored before. Playing out this fantasy felt amazing. No way did she want this scene to stop. Better to pretend they were violent drug dealers who’d threatened to kill her. That way she could experience every delight they offered.
A hand clamped the small of her back, pinning her more firmly than the straps. Whisky snarled, “Time to take it up a gear.”

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  1. I loved this snippet Kryssie She's a lucky girl Not everyone gets to live out their fantasies. Will she be able to go back to reality though? That's the question :)

  2. I agree with Constance. She's definitely caught between the fantasy of the scene and the reality of the spanking. So close and yet so far. Great snippet, Kryssie.

  3. That's hot. I would love to 'see' these twins. She's a lucky girl. :-)

  4. I loved this snippet. I'm curious now ... do they make her safeword?

  5. A huge thank you for everyone who took the time to comment