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Wednesday, 26 October 2016

Hubble Bubble, Meena's a Witch in Terrible Trouble #Halloween #witch # romance #excerpt #spanking

Poor Meena

The Fae King's furious with her for bonding with his dragon. Her mother's been kidnapped. Thugs want her dead. Plants want to eat her. She's just  had sex potion poured down her throat, Her lust level's off the scale, and the now the Fae King plans to spank her.


  Leonidas’s nightmare: when he inherited the Fae throne, he inherited the curse a witch cast on his bloodline. No wonder he hates witches. His dirty secret: if he doesn’t bed a different woman every month he’ll turn feral – and he’s bored to death with mindless sex. 

When he hunts down his escaped war dragon, his enemies trap him on earth and strip his powers. His month’s almost up and if he doesn’t bed someone soon, his beast will rise. 

Meena’s dream: to be good at something. Anything. Even sticking to a diet. Her secret: she’s a failed witch masquerading as human. She accidentally bonds with Leonidas’s escaped dragon. Sparks fly when he wants it back.

Plunged into a world of stuck-up Fae, evil elves, and high-adventure they must solve a twenty-two year-old mystery. Along the way, they tumble into bed, and lust leads, unexpectedly, to love. When Leonidas’s curse kicks in again, he’ll have to abandon Meena and bed another. Is their love strong enough to survive their secrets and break the ancient curse?

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Leonidas loomed over her and caught his breath. She looked beautiful, naked with her hair curled like a raven’s wing over the pillow—so black it seemed iridescent as it gleamed with rainbow highlights. Her breasts bounced as she rolled and thrashed. With her legs tied wide open, he could see the hot cream pooling in her pussy. Elves’ blood, he was proud of her, besotted by her even. Even her earlier bravado had sparked nothing but respect in his heart. She lay before him like a feast he couldn’t wait to taste, only later… Well, he wouldn’t think about later. Impatient to bed her, he drew his dagger and slashed the ropes around her ankles.
Tears filled her eyes, and when she spoke, her voice was a throaty rasp that sent sensual shivers down his spine. “No time. Need you inside me now.”
He dropped the dagger at the side of the bed and knelt between her legs. “Querida, I live to please.”
“Hard and deep,” she begged as she squirmed and lifted her hips—her arms still spread wide.
Her heather and wild herb scent washed over him, and he hardened instantly. One breath, one look, and his balls ached. Sweat beaded on his brow. He’d fuck her, satisfy her, then fuck her again after he’d— No, not thinking about that yet. He remembered the Kama Sutra his father had bequeathed him, and raised her legs. “Ankles together, knees against your chest.”
“Just fuck me,” she pleaded.
He lifted her legs higher and landed a playful slap on her butt. She grimaced and clenched her jaw as the sound echoed around the wayfarer’s hut and mingled with her breathless moans. Then he held her ankles and pressed her knees into her  chest. Helpless  beneath him,  she panted and begged. “Leo, please.”
Her body lay open and inviting, her liquid honey gleaming in her cunt. The need to lick and taste assailed him, but his Meena burned for sex—and he definitely wasn’t going to deny her any comfort he could give.
With a wicked grin, he felt his Fae coolness evaporate into steaming heat and molten desires. Like her, he needed…forever, but all they had was the here and now. He’d fuck her all night if that was what it took to ease her pain. And would he enjoy it? You bet your ass, he would. He leaned forward, gently curling her beneath him as he fingered her clit. Then he edged his hips beneath her raised thighs.
Helpless, she moaned for more. He teased the tip of his cock inside her, and she held her breath. He meant to take her slowly, to stoke the pleasure the drug sparked inside her, but her hungry groan robbed him of his self-control.
He thrust his dick inside her, hard—penetrating her cream-filled folds.
Meena almost wept with frustration. “All of you. Inside me. Please.”
As hot for her as she was for him, he slammed his cock inside her, pumping deeper than he ever had before.
Tied down and unable to move, she trembled beneath him. Her breath came in She panted in  quick, eager gasps. “More. I need more.”
Fresh desire hit him. Drugged up or not, his woman craved him in every way. His delight was to please her. Her vagina tightened and pulsed around his penis—milking him over and over. Sperm shot from his cock as she moaned again. Finally, he pulled her hips closer and thrust with every ounce of strength he possessed.
Leonidas hadn’t known he care about one tiny woman so much. Shoulders back, he reveled in the way he’d loved her until she screamed his name as she came. But damn it, the Elves listened outside.
Her pleasured moans would have sparked a million ribald comments—but they expected him to punish as well as pleasure her. Oathbound to him or not, they’d revolt if they didn’t hear her scream with pain. He should explain or ask her to shriek, but that potion stole her wits and filled her with another wave of yearning. For sex—and not necessarily with him. Whatever he said or did, she wouldn’t listen until he’d fucked her into exhaustion.
“How do you feel now?” he asked as he withdrew and massaged her feet.
She sighed as he let her straighten her legs. “Sated and weary, but I’m starting to need you inside me again.”
“First, querida”—his eyes narrowed, and his aloof Fae mask slipped back into place—“you disobeyed me. I asked you to stay subservient should we meet any Elves. Thanks to your impulsive nature, I’ve defeated one warrior and killed another, but what if things had turned out different? Would you have fucked that scarred commander as eagerly?”
Meena’s eyes widened in disbelief. “And you say this now. Goddess, Leo, my cunt feels like it’s on fire. Look, if it’s too soon for you to get a hard-on again, cut me loose, and I’ll find an Elf to satisfy me.”
“Mine.” He fumed, but rather than fuck her, he turned his back and straddled her waist. He pulled her legs up to his shoulders and spanked her ass. Her scream rang out long and loud, but no matter how she squirmed and twisted, she couldn’t free her arms. Another slap, a longer shriek, so high and distressed that it curdled his soul. Her butt turned as fiery, as hot as her drug-induced passion. A third, and she gave a full-on scream that echoed through the night.
“Louder,” he commanded and spanked her again. She couldn’t see his gritted teeth or the tears as they welled up in his eyes. He hated treating her like this. Elves’ blood, he lived to cosset and protect her, but this was the only way to keep her safe.

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  1. Talk about an intense scene. Wow! Perfect for Halloween, though.