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Wednesday, 3 January 2018

Relationship lessons we need to unlearn #romance #Relationships

How Disney Taught Us Terrible Lessons About Relationships

Disney animated movies are a big part of everyone's childhood, no doubt about that. Even when we grow up, we often watch and discuss these timeless fairytales with our friends and partners. It really doesn't matter if you meet people online or the old-fashioned way, almost every single one of those individuals will have a favorite Disney movie. These tales are responsible for some of the loveliest moments in our life, we can't argue with that, but they also taught us some rather terrible and messed-up lessons about romance and relationships. Here are some of them.

Kissing Someone Without Permission Is Romantic

We saw this type of behavior in many Disney movies, but the two most disturbing examples were in Sleeping Beauty and Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. In both of these legendary fairytales, two men (Prince Phillip and The Prince) decided it was cool to kiss the girl without her consent. To be fair, some girls think it's hot when a guy takes initiative and gets a little rough in the sheets, but if this happened today, these two charming fellas would end up like Harvey Weinstein.

New Love Will Fix All Of Your Problems

Sure, a new relationship (and a new sexual partner) can be rather refreshing, but it can't 
erase all the problems you had before you met your new lover. However, cartoons such as The Lion King and Cinderella teach us that all of our past predicaments, issues, and even tragedies (death of a parent or a harsh childhood for example) will fade away once we met a new partner. Frankly, sex needs to be pretty good if it's going to erase the troubling past, wouldn't you agree?

A Hot Stranger In The Woods? I Must Befriend Him!

Our parents always told us to avoid stangers, especially when we encounter them in the dark alley during the night. This is a solid advice from a caring parent, we can't argue with that. However, Disney had a completely different idea when it comes to strangers. Remember Sleeping Beauty and the scene in which Aurora meets Phillip? Pretty romantic and innocent, right? Well, that's one way to describe it. We're going to go with creepy. Befriending a random guy you just met in the woods is a wrong and dangerous thing to do, no matter how hot he is! Just because he's handsome and attractive doesn't mean he's not a rapist. Remember, "a stranger in the woods" is an exciting bedroom game to play with your boyfriend, but you should never play it in the real woods with a complete stranger.

Kidnaping A Girl And Keeping Her In Your Castle Against Her Will Is A Good Way To Earn Her Love

The legendary story of the Beauty and the Beast taught us that it's perfectly fine to kidnap a girl you like and keep her in captivity until she finally likes you back. Aw, that's pretty romantic, right? Hell no, that’s one of the worst Disney lessons of all time. But that's not even the sickest part of this movie. As you probably know, the girl (Belle) ends up falling for her beasty captor. Jeez, is this a story about love or the Stockholm syndrome? This movie also teaches girls that it's ok if the guy is abusive "as long as he truly cares about you". Beauty and the Beast encourage young women to try to change their abusive partners and that's pretty messed up. However, if the guy owns a castle and if he's a beast in the sheets, then you should probably give him a second chance. Just kidding, run like the wind!

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 What relationship do you need to unlearn?

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