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Friday, 4 January 2019

Taken as Theirs by Kryssie Fortune #paranormal #romance #werewolf #post-apocalyptic #action #adventure #spanking

As a breeder in an infertile world, no wonder she was 

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Ever read something that made you think?

I read - not watched- The Handmaid's Tale, and started thinking What if? 

What if werewolves, vampires and demons moved among mankind?

What if a plague only affected humans but left most females, whatever the species infertile.

Fertile women would become property to be bought and sold.
Bedded and bred, too. 

Then I knew I had to write it. 

Most females were infertile now, whatever their origins


Cassie is captured by the vampires who rule over much their plague-ravaged land. Stripped, bound and gagged, she becomes the star lot in a vampire-only auction. Before her new owner can claim her, she’d taken by twin werewolves. Her escape attempt earns her a sound spanking. She’s soon screaming from pleasure not pain as her werewolf captors bring her to orgasm after orgasm.

Her werewolf lovers are the pack’s enforcers. When they reluctantly leave on a mission, the alpha trades Cassie to another pack. Rather than stay with them, she escapes and heads north, seeking a legendary human stronghold. The vampires are already on her trail.

Can her werewolves find her before the vampires do? And will she forgive them if they do?

His easy grin showed the points of his teeth. Werewolf! He was a cold- blooded killer with the face of an angel

They’d buy her, free her, and persuade her to have werewolf babies.

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