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Thursday, 6 February 2020

The Liberation of Miss X by Etta Stark #KindleUnlimited #ku #spanking #romance

This is the first book in a new series ‘Victorian Submission’ about a very exclusive (and rather kinky) club in nineteenth century London. It’s called the Spider Club and its members have a tradition of never using their real names when they are there. The book’s heroine, Flora Taylor, is playfully nicknamed Miss X by one of the Spider Club’s stalwart members, the formidable Madame J. A fitting moniker for a girl who is embracing a new life and a new identity.


London 1890. Flora Taylor has been estranged from her beloved brother, Edward, for five years after their father banished him from the house and refused to have anything to do with him. When she is reunited with him, she is delighted to have him back in her life but, sadly, her happiness is short-lived.

Edward and his lover, George, are arrested and imprisoned. The laws of Victorian London mean that the two men are facing the prospect of prison with hard labor for the crime of being in love with one another.

Flora must work with Edward’s friend and solicitor William Beech to secure their release. However, the more time she spends with Mr. Beech, the more she finds herself opening up to feelings and passions that she has never had the chance to explore before.

As Flora and Mr. Beech fall in love, they explore a world of discipline and submission. A world that is new to Flora but already familiar to Mr. Beech, a member of a very special London club. Flora discovers a world that she

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About Etta Stark:

Etta Stark is an enthusiastic writer and reader of spanking romance who writes the kinds of books that she enjoys reading - historical and contemporary romances with strong characters and proper plotlines in between all the delicious spankings.

William could not have been more pleased with how well Flora had taken the spanking. She really was a natural, he thought. She had accepted everything that he had given her without a struggle.
The blissful look she was wearing as he unbuckled her straps, only served to reaffirm that this had been exactly what she needed. He allowed her some minutes to regain her composure before helping her off the spanking bench.
Her limbs were a bit wobbly as he helped her to her feet. She looked a little drunk. “Come with me,” said William holding out his hand.
Flora took it and followed him without question.
He led her to a full-length mirror in the corner of the dungeon room. “Turn around,” he commanded.
Flora did as she was bid turning her back on the looking glass.
“Now look back over your shoulder. I want you to see your bottom.”
Flora’s eyes grew wide as she looked at her bottom in the mirror. She got the full effect of the design that William had seen take shape during the duration of the spanking. Flora’s bottom was crimson from the top of her buttocks to the crease where her bottom met her thighs. It shone like a shiny red beacon. Across the fleshiest part, there lay a crisscross pattern of darker red lines–the marks of the cane he had used. Just below that on the underside of her bottom–the place she would feel it most when she sat down–was a cloud of light purple and grey bruising that William knew would darken over the next day or so.
“Oh my goodness,” said Flora, running her hands over her bruised and swollen bottom. “You did that to me? You beast!”
The broad smile spreading across her face reassured William that she held no resentment towards him and his beastly behaviour.

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