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Thursday, 5 March 2015

Five Facts Thursday - please welcome Vicki Batman

1. I was once Miss Oak Lawn Moped.
2. Red is my favorite color.
3. I have approximately100 handbags. 
4. I have 3 sisters and married a guy who has 3 brothers.
5. My name really is Batman.


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New job. New love. And murder. Desperate for cash to cover the basic necessities, Hattie Cooks takes a temporary job at Buy Rite Insurance Company where she uncovers an embezzling scam tied to the death of a former employee--the very one she replaced.



Pretty much covered the whole freakin’ day. 

A blinding red-white, red-white strobe, reflected in my brand new Wrangler’s rearview mirror, seized my attention. The police. I tossed my hands skyward, ready to surrender. I shouldn’t have been too surprised. Like I'd commented this a.m. to my roommate, Jenny, “Today, anything’s possible.”

My Bad Day checklist included:

- Crappy job interview, one which might have provided desperately needed income.

- Wore gut-busting panty hose on a hot day which had now worked past my waist and strangled my diaphragm.

- A barely blowing air conditioner indicated something had malfunctioned in my new, fun car.

I stole another glance in the mirror, and with great reluctance, flipped the right turn indicator. My vehicle coasted to a stop on the shoulder of Boston Avenue in my hometown of Sommerville, a nice suburb located between two large cities. Four lanes of cars and trucks zipped by as I sat there where every single one of my family, friends, friends’ friends, and their friends—including Rat Fink Suzanne—would see a police vehicle positioned right behind mine. Gleefully, drivers would chant the “Ha-ha, got you, not me” ditty.

How embarrassing.

After killing the engine, I flopped back in the seat. Shooting the morons the finger was an idea. NahI'm too exhausted to care.

A litany of:  "No, not hiring." "Just filled the position." "You're over qualified." "You're under qualified…" tornadoed through my head. Coupled with the intense job search through various outlets like the internet and completing numerous online employment applications, no wonder my body had been depleted of all life force.

Not even a breeze blew to take the edge off the unbearable summertime heat. Tangled wild trees and dry scrubby bushes banked the roadside. The grass had taken on a scorched look. Rolling down the driver’s window, I surveyed my surroundings. Nothing great. Nothing new. 

I stole a glance in the side mirror at the policeman who strode purposefully along the shoulder. The gravel crunched under his boots. He looked huge, probably because his uniform, which appeared to be bulked with a bullet-proof vest, made him resemble a buffed-up superhero in size. Exceedingly intimidating.

Sigh. When things went wrong, they were really wrong.


  1. Miss Oak Lawn Moped? Love it! Were you a fan of the two-wheeler, or did you just pretend?

    BTW: I love the cover!

  2. LOLOL, Lyn! It was for real. My college friend had a moped shop and over margaritas, I was convinced/coerced to do it. And yes, I have a story featuring it too. Thanks for posting. And thanks regarding my cover!!!

  3. Sorry for being a bit late to the party. Vicky, it's great to have you drop by. I did have a moped in my teens, but my husband says I rode it as though it was a Harley

  4. Sorry for being a bit late to the party. Vicky, it's great to have you drop by. I did have a moped in my teens, but my husband says I rode it as though it was a Harley