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Saturday, 21 March 2015

From 1945 With So Much Love

I'm a sucker for love and romance - and life doesn't get more romantic than this love letter. I'm going through my mum's things  after her funeral, and I found this letter.
Sorry folks, it too old and well-thumbed to scan so you'll have to make do with my typing

1590874 D, F.Sgt J. P. Luck
189 Squadron
Royal Air Force


My Dearest One,
Today, for me, is very happy. I hope with all my heart that when you receive this you will be equally as happy. I’ve often told you that I love you and now I’m reiterating that fact.
I love you me darling with all that love that is in me to give. Without you, my sweet, life would be empty and not worth living. Whenever I think of you, Joan, it’s of the dearest, sweetest, truest person in the world. Unfortunately, at the moment, I can’t be with you to tell you all these things darling so I have to write instead.
With you at my side, Joan, I can face anybody or anything and win through. What I’m trying to tell you, Joan, is that you I’m so in love with that that I can never stop thinking o you. You’re always in my thoughts, sweet, no matter where I am.
What I’m trying to ask you, Joan though I haven’t succeeded up to now is this. WILL YOU BECOME ENGAGED TO ME DARLING? Nothing can make me happier, Joan, than you saying yes. I’ll do anything for you to make you happy. Please, darling, say yes.
Being married to you will make me happier by far than I have ever been. We’ve had lots of fun together and I know that we both have happy memories that we share. I’d like nothing better than to be able to go on making and sharing many more al our through. Joan, if you say yes, I shall be so utterly and completely happy that I’ll not know which way to turn. Even to ask to marry me makes me happier than I’ve been for a long time. I long with all my heart to be with you to ask, Joan, but as I can’t I’m writing to ask instead.
I’d give anything now to be with you just for five minutes. Believe me ,sweet, I love you with all my heart and I’m longing to be with you more than I ever thought it was possible  to miss anyone. Someday I’ll be back again and I hope to be reunited with you as my fianc√©.
We differ over religion, my sweet, but we talked all that over a long time ago, didn’t we. I’ll be waiting for your letting in reply to this more eagerly than I do for your other letters.
You know I love you, Joan. I’ve often you so. It still goes darling, and it will always be so. Even if you say no. I’ll still love you. I guess you know that though, Joan, otherwise I wouldn’t have written this.
I’m feeling happy tonight. I hope it’s a lucky omen. Please, Joan, try to make it so. You’ve said that you love me, sweet, and now I’m asking if you’d like to marry me when I come home again.
Well, Joan, I’ll finish on this page so far the moment, I’ll leave you my sweet.
I’m yours alone so all my love darling

It's deeply personal but too touching not to share.
Even the airmail envelope is evocative of wartime.
It has a box that reads
I certify on my honour that 
        the contents of this envelope refer
                  to nothing but private and family matters
                        Name Only    J.P. Luck 

Yes, my maiden name really was Luck. Now you know where the fortune in my pen name comes from. 

Mum and dad were deeply in love and spent the rest of their lives together. Now they are reunited.

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