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Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Five Facts Thursday - please welcome Amanda Stone

Here are five facts about myself that most people don't know: 

1. I was in a ska band briefly in high school 

2. I'm deathly allergic to horses, but I plan to ride a horse before I die. So come on science and cure my allergy! 

3. I secretly watch reality TV and actually like it. 

4. My first grade class took a field trip to the police station. They asked for a parent volunteer to go into the jail to show us what it would be like behind bars. When my mom was the only brave soul to try they put handcuffs on her and everything as they locked the door. Of course after that I told everyone that my mom was in jail. Oh the things kids will say. 

5. Four generations of girls in my family all have the same middle name. Including me and my daughter. 

Book Information: 

The Adventures of Cole and Perry 


It all started when Cole met Perry in a bar. Over three years they had some exciting adventures, and misadventures. The six stories included in this book are all about their journey from bar to wedding.

The Anniversary: Another cancellation of plans by his boyfriend forces Cole out to the neighborhood bar. Not long after arriving he meets Perry. Even as exciting as Perry is, he's unsure how the night will end.

The Fight: Cole and Perry are struggling to make time for each other and constantly at each other's throats. A fight to the death will decide who is right or wrong in their arguments. But Cole really doesn't want to shoot Perry.

The Threesome: Deciding they want to spice up things in the bedroom, Perry wants to have a one-time threesome. Cole's nervous and doesn't want to ask any of their friends to join them. Perry finds the perfect solution.

The House: After two and a half years together, Cole and Perry want to buy a house. Once they find the perfect house, they get to spend their first morning together in their new space. Perry will have to help Cole decide which room is his favorite.

The Baby: Both Cole and Perry are exhausted. Taking care of a three-month-old is hard when she's up all night and is always hungry. If only they could find where they put the bottle warmer.

The Wedding Cole is ready to make his commitment to Perry life-long. After careful planning, they created the perfect event. What could possibly go wrong? If only Cole didn't ask the same question.

Short Excerpt: 

Cole placed the phone back on the charging station without saying goodbye. He hung his head and closed his eyes. He loved his boyfriend so much. Two years together and it all came down to tonight. Cole hoped Perry knew what the phone call meant for their relationship. Now he just had to get ready to go out to the bar. 

Buy Links:

ARe: https://www.allromanceebooks.com/product-theadventuresofcoleandperry-1727626-145.html

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  1. Hi Amanda, sorry this was a little late posting. It's great to have you drop by