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Thursday, 23 July 2015

Five Facts Thursday - please welcome Mageela Troche

Five Facts about Mageela Troche:
1.    Writing a Regency romance novel is in my blood. Georgette Heyer, Queen of Regency Romance, wrote The Spanish Bride, which is the story of Captain Harry Smith and his Spanish brideJuana de Leon. Juana was a relation to Ponce de Leon and I am a descendent of the Conquistador.  
2.    There are not too many Mageelas in the world. When I was child, I wanted to be name something a bit more common. I would chose names and one was Charlotte. People ask if I named my heroine after the new princessno, I named her after me (in a way).
3.    Research always plays a part in writing. In my quest for knowledge, I took a class on how to make cravats. Thanks to my fashion design background, I was able to do some knots that Beau Brummell might have worn.
4.    In His Lady Charlie, I wrote my lovebird, Boobula, into the story. Like my heroine, Charlie, I let my bird fly free. I can tell you that I find feathers in the most peculiar places.
5.     Since I was a little girl, I have had an obsession with blond men so naturally I had to make my herothe Earl of Harringtona blond. I always believe in falling in love with my hero. 

His Lady Charlie Book Blurb:

 In glittering world of Regency England, Lady Charlotte Hammersley, Charlie as she is known, is more than a wallflower, she is the wall supporting the flower. Her father has pronounced this is her fourth and final season. The last chance for her to marry the man she loves. When she overhears the Earl of Harrington place a wager to turn any lady into the toast of the ton, Charlie presented herself.
The Earl of Harrington must win the wager to save his brother from destruction and the minx vows she is the perfect lady for him. He finds he cannot deny her as she intrigues him, as he has never been before. Navigating the London Season, they face scandal, jealously and the possibility their wager may be discovered and ruin their lives.
Will they win the biggest gamble of allfor their love?


The butler led Harry into the drawing room. Upon entering the light green room, he saw his cousin, the countess, and her mother-in-law, the most ardent gossip of England, sitting on the sofa. Harrington noticed something was missingher lovebird.
Your Lordship,the Countess Tankerville started, Your appearance is most surprising.She licked her lips from the deliciousness of his appearance.
I havent paid a call to this house since my and Lisles Oxford days.
You knewknow my brother?Charlottes voice became breathless.
That I do, and I am surprised you havent heard the tales.
Me as well, but I shall learn each one.She leaned toward him. Her mouth spread in the laziest, most wicked smile he had ever seen. The corner of her eyes crinkled from the smile, making her look adorable and melting his social reserve.
Damn, he smiled in return. When in her presence, he couldnt kill the bubble of joy that filled him. He probably grinned like he belonged in Bedlam.
The teacup hovering in the corner of his eye pulled his attention away from Charlotte.
He accepted it from the countess. Lisle may share one or two, but not all since he was the one usually causing all the trouble.
Ladys ears and all that,she retorted.
Harry knew he had only notched up her curiosity. She would learn the tales.

Hmmm, you have now only been introduced?Dowager Countess Arundel asked. Harry swore he saw her lips smacking. I believe so—”
No, he attended my presentation ball. We danced as well.
Harry took a sip of his tea to make sure he wasnt gaping. He had no recollection of the ball or dance. Though that seemed correct. Between her standing and his friendship with her brother, Harrington would have made an appearance and would have stood up
with her at least once.
You remember him after all these long years,the dowager said, though it seemed more questioning than anything. He raised his cup to his mouth.
Charlotte laughed. Isnt the reason for a season to find a husband? Naturally, I could do no less than remember an unmarried Earl.
Now all these years later, he has finally called upon you.
Yes, and he sent flowers this morn.She crossed to the plant resting on the rosewood side table. A cymbidium orchid.She buried her nose in the bloom, then stroked a petal between her thumb and forefinger.
A long, drawn out sigh of wonder shook the drawing room. He peeked at the Dowager. Her eyes ran over Charlotte, mesmerizing every detail. She nibbled on her lower lip, filling herself with gossip. When she noticed him, she wiped her face of expression. All part of his plan.

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