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Monday, 18 January 2016

Cover Genesis and excerpt Part Three. #excerpt #parnormal #romance #erotic #shifter

Here's the third and final extract I sent to Loose Id so they could design my cover. 

Viola ran so fast her chestnut hair flew in streamers behind her. After a lazy few hours of sweet sex and stolen naps, Titus had told her to run. The delicious ache between her legs from an afternoon of gentle touches and heated sex delighted her. This run echoed the freedom and excitement she felt in her heart.
The earthy scent of the woodland welcomed her. Her knee didn’t pain her, and best of all, Titus would run her down and claim her soon. Of course, he’d have to burst the containment spell she’d placed on their inn’s doors first. She’d wondered if that counted as cheating, but her fledgling magic had bubbled uncontrollably inside her. While she didn’t intend this to be easy for him, she wanted to be caught.
Her breasts bounced with every step and each footfall sent tremors through her cunt. Her clit ached for Titus’s touch, but she still ran. Once she reached her old hut, she grinned and rolled in herb garden. The soft scent of crushed mint and thyme clung to her.
Next, she leaped the row of rosemary bushes she’d salvaged from Elspeth’s garden, waded into the sandy-bottomed stream, and splashed up its length. Her skirt sucked up water like a wick. Running was damn near impossible when it tangled like a lead weight around her legs. Without breaking stride, she kicked it off and ran faster.
Her shoes came with it, but she never slowed. Soft sand flowed between her toes. She shed her blouse next, eager for Titus to claim her. A few steps further and her makeshift bra followed. Naked except for her lacy red panties, she tossed her hair back over her shoulder and kept wading upstream. She grinned, knowing Titus would run faster once he found her trail of clothes.
A growl echoed upstream. Titus had shattered her spell and tracked her to her hut. Wicked and wild, he was coming to claim her. Her pussy creamed at the thought. She picked up her pace, but she heard a splash as Titus leaped into the water. Two more steps and he howled again—so close behind her she imagined the feel his breath on her neck.
Downstream, she heard a primal wolf howl and the sound of fabric ripping. She guessed Titus had pulled off his shirt when he spotted her blouse. A few steps further and she heard more fabric tear and hoped he’d shed his pants. She almost stumbled when she pictured him as near naked as her.
Then he pounced. He closed his arms around her waist and sent them sprawling, but he twisted mid-air and she landed with her back on his broad chest. He turned back human as the stream splashed over their bare bodies. His voice came out growly, possessive, and deep. “Mine. To love forever and always.”
Water trickled around them as he rolled again. She took her weight on her forearms and her knees. The water felt cold as it washed over her wrists and calves, but her body steamed. Sand swirled around her fingers then settled back to the streambed. Titus surrounded her body, his muscled chest resting lightly against her back, then he kissed his way down her neck. Excited shivers ran down Viola’s spine.
He reached backward, claws extended, and ripped her panties from her body. His cock nudged her bare butt. She moaned when Titus trailed kisses over her neck and pinched gently at her nipples.
Hips wiggling in invitation, she nestled closer. He retracted his claws, stroked his way round her too slim hips, and rubbed his finger over her clit. She already felt wet for him.
“More,” Viola demanded.
Titus ran his tongue over the vein in her neck as he seated his cock inside her. He started slowly, pumping long and deep then upped the rhythm as he pinned her beneath him. Nothing mattered except dominance and claiming. He pounded into her, hard and deep. She curled her fingers in the stream’s sandy bottom and screamed his name. Her orgasm hit hard, setting her thighs trembling.
As she came around him, Titus sank his fangs in her neck, marking her and claiming her as his. She lost herself in the moment. Nothing mattered—not the scent of the forest or the tinkling of the stream. She ignored the sunbeams dancing through the trees. Everything in her world began and ended with Titus.

Viola shuddered and came again. Titus bellowed against her neck as sperm shot from his cock. The sound came out muffled and amazingly sensual.

Again, I don't know how Dar Albert came up with her brilliant cover from this.
I can't praise this lady enough.  

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