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Sunday, 10 January 2016

From Fish and Chips to Fine Dining

I’m the sort of down-to-earth Yorkshire lass who thought fine dining was for posy folk with more money than sense. Fish and chips are more me—as per last week’s post. So what do I know about fine dining?

My birthday’s 19th December, and going out is a nightmare. Places either brim with drunken office parties or serve the worst sort of mass produced Christmas dinner imaginable. This year, as a special treat, my wonderful daughter and her partner made me an offer I couldn’t refuse. 
They took me to The Box Tree—one Yorkshire’s five, yes five, Michelin starred restaurants

First, I love history, so I couldn’t resist the chance to eat in a restaurant built in the seventeen twenties. It has open fires and oak beams. Best of all, it offers a warm welcome and allows diners to enjoy their aperitifs in cozy surroundings while nibbling trays of olives and specialty breadsticks. No wham, bam, feed ‘em fast ethos here.
We relaxed over drinks and gave our orders. My daughter forbade me to go for the set meal but if we went for the taster menu the whole table had to have it. There were things I didn’t fancy so we compromised on the a la carte menu.
My only comment is great choice. It no surprise that Marco Pierre White trained here.
I was still expecting posy food and tiny potions. Instead I was blown away. I started with celeriac velute  dressed with truffle oil. One word. Amazing.
I moved on to a lightly boiled hen’s egg, wrapped in thin strands of potato. My mouth’s watering at the memory.
Pork belly with marmite hollandaise next. My food appreciation burst off the scale.
The cheese board was to die for—and every cheese was produced by artisan cheesemakers. The incredibly knowelgable waiter talked us through each one.

Now, I'm an aficionado of fine dining.  I think dining here for my birthday could become an annual event. At least I hope so. 

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