xmlns:og='http://ogp.me/ns#' Kryssie Fortune: Sneak Peak at Chapter one, Marriage, Mobsters, and the Marine. Please read and enjoy. #excerpt #amreading #romance

Wednesday, 7 December 2016

Sneak Peak at Chapter one, Marriage, Mobsters, and the Marine. Please read and enjoy. #excerpt #amreading #romance

Loose id released the latest novella, Marriage, Mobsters, and Marine this week. It's a stand alone story but the first part of a trilogy. 

Abigail Montgomery, a small town schoolteacher with zero self-confidence, dreams of the Dickensian Christmas her family never enjoyed. Each month she attends a masked BDSM club, but her next visit will be her last. If she doesn’t marry within the next year, her brother won’t inherit Montgomery Hall. Desperate, she advertises for a husband.

Jared Armstrong, a former Marine sharpshooter and occasional Dom needs to $125,000 to get his family out of a hole. His solution—to marry Abigail Montgomery for her money. His only regret is his wife won’t accept his spanking lifestyle.

Gradually, Abigail comes to dream of making their marriage real, but she promised Jared a divorce two years after their wedding. Can they share some Christmas magic as their relationship faces extortion threats, a kidnapping, and an attempted murder? Or will Jared break her heart when he walks away?
Release dates for the other books:

Sex, Scandal, and the Sheriff  -27th December

Desire, Deceit, and the Doctor - 14th February, 2017

Marriage, Mobsters, and the Marine

Chapter One

Abigail straightened her blonde wig, put on her mask, and strutted into the Masked Night’s BDSM club like Catwoman. Of course, everyone went incognito here, their names assigned by the vetting committee. Tonight, she’d become Kitty Gail, a sassy sub on her way to a first-ever hookup with the mouthwatering Dom, Master Jay.
The low moans of a woman bent over a spanking bench sounded bittersweet to Abigail’s ears. Knowing she’d never visit the club again added an extra swagger to her step. Not coming back for her monthly spanking would be…difficult. In the real world, she exuded confidence, carefully hiding the scared little girl inside her that even her family had disapproved of.
Damn it, she needed that spanking. It reminded her of how much she’d moved on and let her cope with the doubts that always chipped away at her confidence. The mind-blowing orgasms that followed were an added bonus.
But after tonight, Kitty Gail, with her figure-hugging blue catsuit and mask, would morph back into boring schoolteacher, Abigail Montgomery. Permanently.
Across the room, she spotted Master Jay at the soft drinks bar, the upper half of his face obscured by his plain black mask. His neatly trimmed beard and mustache obscured his features still further. She’d spotted him on her last three visits, and the way he cared for his subs had made Abigail’s pulse race. She wondered what he looked like beneath all his facial hair and without his mask, but keeping their identities secret topped the club’s priorities.
After her last visit, he’d stopped her on the way out and asked her to sub for him next time she came. They’d sat at the juice bar, discussing the details of their scene. Since they were both clean and she was on the pill, she hadn’t wanted a condom between them. He’d readily agreed. She’d been anticipating their meeting all month—like a little girl awaiting Christmas.
Not that she’d enjoyed the holiday season much once she reached her teens. Christmas was another thing her great-aunt had disapproved of. In fact, Abby’s early years seemed to be one disapproval after another.
But everything changed once she’d received the letter.
She hated that this would be her one and only night together with Master Jay. God, I hope he spanks me hard.
She liked the way Master Jay never took his eyes off her as she approached. The intensity in his gaze made her tingle deep inside. Desire spread like an explosion through her blood. His broad smile made her heart stutter, and again she wanted to know what he’d look like in real life. Stunning, probably.
Tall—well over six feet six—and broad chested; he’d gathered his hair at the nape of his neck and secured it with a leather thong. His long, lean physique made her want to purr like the kitty the vetting committee had named her after. Adding an extra sway to her hips, she prowled toward him in her three-inch-high heels.
As she neared, he picked up the collar and leash he’d left on the bar. Tonight she’d be his kitty for real, a pet to be shown off and petted before he spanked her long and hard. Afterward, he’d screw her, she hoped.
He held the leash in the air, giving her chance to study it. “Hello, Kitty Gail. Are you ready for this evening’s games? I picked out a pretty collar for my favorite pet.”
Abigail smiled behind her cat mask. “Very ready, Sir. Is my safeword still red?”
He nodded. “It is. Now come here, turn around, and lift your hair off your neck. The only pain you should feel is the pain I choose to inflict.”
Nipples already pearled, she lifted the fibers of her blonde wig, careful not to dislodge it. “As you command, Sir.”
Once he fastened the collar around her neck, she let her hair fall back over her shoulders. Confident no one would recognize her in her tight-fitting blue outfit and cat mask, she trembled as sensual heat rose through her like an incoming tide. She loved the way he inserted two fingers between the collar and her skin to check that it didn’t cut into her or constrict her blood flow. No wonder she lusted after Master Jay.
Once he’d ensured her comfort, he rose to his feet, taking his captive kitty for a slow stroll around the club. Even though they’d planned this, Abigail resented the leash at first. Gradually, she fell into character—prey putting on a brave front before her captor—defiant to the core. As he walked her around the room, the satisfying warmth of submission settled around her, but deep down all she needed was her ass spanked.
In her everyday life, she hid her toned curves beneath baggy jumpers and shapeless skirts. Here, under Master Jay’s protection, she could flaunt her body. Head high, hips swaying, she sashayed around the room.
Once he’d shown off his prize, he led her toward the private rooms. “Kitty Gail, are you trying to give all the men here a hard-on? When you’re with me? Save the sex appeal for your Master, or do you want me to punish you for your display?”
Yes. Spank me now. She hadn’t the courage to tell him how badly she craved spanking and the occasional public humiliation, so she hung her head. “I’m sorry, Master Jay.”
He stood back and looked her over. If the way his cock tented his trousers meant anything, he clearly liked what he saw. “Maybe a taste of the cat-o’-nine-tails will teach my kitty how to behave.”
Whipping was one of her hard limits. She didn’t want to safeword, not on her last night here, but she couldn’t let him whip her. She worked out three times a week in the local hotel’s basement gym. The ladies of Westhorpe Ridge would be outraged if she arrived covered in bruises or lash marks. As a respected schoolteacher, she couldn’t afford the rumors and scandal. Sometimes she thought her hometown would fade away if the locals didn’t have her family to gossip about.
Master Jay chuckled. “Don’t worry. I plan to spank your bare ass until it glows in the dark, but I’ll do it with my hand, not paddles or whips. Then I’ll spank it some more. The only toys I have in mind tonight are a blindfold and some ropes.”
Abigail’s heart raced again. This man knew exactly what she needed, and while she regretted they hadn’t hooked up before, she liked to study a Dom before she placed herself in his care. Maybe that was why she’d not played many scenes, but she’d always been a better-safe-than-sorry kind of girl. Her mouth dried in anticipation, and her nipples tingled as she let him lead her into a private room.
She’d left the choice of surroundings to her Dom for the night, but the canopied bed with white broderie-anglaise-trimmed covers surprised her. It would be a perfect match for the white lacy basque she wore beneath her catsuit. When she’d bought it online, she’d had Master Jay in mind.
He settled into a leather armchair, one ankle crossed over the other leg’s knee, totally relaxed. “Take off your catsuit. Slowly. Make me drool.”
Behind her mask, Abigail grinned. Her Dom understood her exhibitionist streak. She bent at the waist, giving him a peek at her cleavage as she leaned toward him and shimmied her hips. He shot forward, almost coming out of the chair to land a gentle slap on her butt.
She slowly lowered the zipper on the front of her catsuit. He whistled in a breath when he saw what she wore beneath it. White lace stretched over her breasts before the boned and laced bodice flowed over her flat stomach. Once she’d hooked her thumbs in the catsuit, she wriggled her hips and pushed it over her thighs. It pooled around her ankles, and as she stepped out of the folds, she kicked it over by the wall.
When she reached to unlace the front of her basque, he snapped, “Leave it.”
Again she smiled behind her cat mask, happy she’d made the right choice.
Master Jay lifted a blindfold from the table next to his chair. Lace trimmed and made from thick satin, the blindfold offered a chance to lose herself in a euphoria that blocked out reality and let her drop into subspace. Once he slipped it over her eyes, she concentrated on nothing but her desires and the way he filled her with wicked longing.
He beckoned her closer. “Come here and straddle me. I want a lap dance first.”
Abigail moved toward him, hips swaying as she rested one hand on his shoulder and walked around him. Once she stood behind him, she leaned toward him and ran her hands over his chest. The movement made the smooth blonde ends of her wig whip around his shoulders.
She repeated the action twice more before she completed the full circle around him. Rotating on the spot, letting him study her heels and basque before she took a step away and turned until she had her back to him. Running both hands down her right leg, she gave him a long look at her lace-covered ass. She stood slowly, but when she heard his breath hitch, she repeated the action, running her hands over her other thigh and down her leg until she held her ankle.
Tossing her head, she let the ends of her blonde wig slide over her body as she flowed upright, taking the move into an overhead stretch that emphasized her narrow waist and generous breasts. She turned toward him, hips swaying as she moved in so close she stood between his legs. The way he sat there unmoving felt like a challenge. She might be submissive by nature, but she liked how he made her work for it.
Her pulse pounded as she slowly unbuttoned his shirt. The smattering of dark hair on his chest delighted her. She linked her hands behind her head, arched her back, and rotated her hips over the bulge in his trousers. His cock twitched and jerked beneath her, swelling as she circled it with her pussy.
She rose on her knees then and cupped her breasts, offering them to him before she sank back onto his cock.
Another circle of her hips had him groaning. “Kitty Gail, you turn me inside out and upside down. Now slide off my lap and sit between my legs.”
For a moment, she’d forgotten everything but pleasing him. She loved it when she lost herself in a world of submission. Obediently, she slid onto the floor and sat, legs extended forward, her back against the base of the chair.
His voice sounded harsh. “Pull your ankles in until they touch your thighs.”
The position left her legs open and her pussy exposed. Her breathing turned ragged as she obeyed. “Yes, Master.”
He looped the blindfold around her blue cat mask. Abigail’s world went dark. She felt lost and helpless as she surrendered herself to his care. Each month she returned to the club to feed her subspace addiction, but tonight with Master Jay, she drifted deeper than ever before. This Master gave her exactly what she needed.
He dropped his hands to her shoulders, “Hold that pose. Don’t move.”
Behind her, she heard his trousers rustle and decided he’d risen to his feet. Her pulse raced as she waited to see what he’d do next. Spank her, she hoped.
He ran one finger along the top of her basque as he moved in front of her. She moaned in anticipation, so he pinched her nipples through the lace. The unexpected pain only heightened her excitement.
He pushed her knees wider, spreading them toward the floor. Blindfolded and vulnerable, she sat with legs splayed open, her silk-covered pussy on display for him. When he threaded fabric—a ribbon, maybe—around her thigh, she frowned behind her mask, trying to work out his plans.
Pushing her ankle closer to her inner thigh, he used the end of the ribbon to bind it in place. He did the same with her other leg and ankle, frog-tying her legs wide open. Next, he reached in behind her and bound her, wrists to elbows. Since she sat on the floor, legs open, she felt frustrated and…disappointed. No way could he spank her like this.
A moment later, she heard him move behind her. He scooped her into his arms and laid her facedown on the bed. Her forehead dug into the sheets while her butt hung in the air. She couldn’t see, couldn’t move, but lost in a world of darkness, she relaxed and let her fantasies play out.
She writhed as he reached between her legs and stroked the silk fabric covering her clit, her body blazing with pleasure. Finally, he unbuttoned the crotch of her lace teddy and slid one finger inside her. She tensed around it, her pussy already damp with need. When he pumped his fingers in and out of her vagina, she lifted her hips, pushing them forward in an attempt to ride his hand. Need boiled inside her, heating her from the inside out. His fingers sank deeper, stroking her G-spot. She moaned, needing to thrash her head and grind her hips against him. Her bonds held her still, but a moment later her cum flooded over his fingers.
Her heart rate dropped back to normal, but she burned to feel his hand on her bare bottom. Damn, is he going to make me beg? Since she wouldn’t be visiting the club again, she would. Memories of tonight would have to sustain her for a minimum of two years.
Before she could plead for a spanking, he slid a pillow beneath her stomach and pulled her legs so wide her ass cheeks parted, revealing her puckered rosebud rear entrance. This new position felt raunchy and wanton—exactly what she needed. When he slapped her exposed ass, she shrieked.
Abigail writhed in her bonds as pain shot through her. The heat in her butt cheeks matched the heat he’d built inside her. She’d never needed to orgasm more. Times like this, her spirit soared like a caged bird given its freedom. With Master Jay, she’d found her perfect Dom. This one sweet night would linger in her memory, sustaining her whenever she needed taking in hand.
He leaned over, gently massaging her butt cheeks and stroking his finger over her anus—pushing one of her soft limits as no Dom had before. “Ten spanks for the way you tempted the other men in the bar. You get another five for the sensual way you moved through the public rooms and five more for the way you tried to control the lap dance.”
Twenty? Most Doms stopped at ten, but tonight she’d take twenty and love it. “Should I count them, Master?”
Again his fingers found her clit. “You should, but if you come before I’ve finished, you’ll get five more.”
Thwack. His hand slapped against her ass, once on each splayed open cheek.
“Two, Master,” she panted.
Slap. Two more strikes, right on the part of her ass that she sat on every day in school. She gasped and accepted the pain, accepted the helplessness, and welcomed the delicious bliss that came along with it. Relished it as it rolled through her, making her pussy tingle. She braced herself for another strike, but he reached around her and thumbed her nipples. The perfect moment of pleasure mingled with pain. Tightening her inner muscles to hold back the orgasm he stoked inside her, she panted and writhed in her bonds.
His voice flowed over her like sweet honey. “Lost count, Kitty Gail? Shall I start over?”
Part of her wanted him to, but if she took more than the twenty slaps he’d promised her, she’d struggle with the ninety-mile drive home tomorrow. “Five, Master.”
He stood back and spanked her again, two high, two low, and another two on her sweet spots where her nerve endings gathered. The pain pushed her toward orgasm. While she faced a two-year spanking drought, this week her tender behind would remind her of Master Jay’s hand on her butt. “Eleven, Sir.”
He stopped spanking, slid beneath her ass, and sucked at her clit. The warmth of his mouth and the unexpected sensation made her wriggle and squirm. Her orgasm built inside her, making sweat bead down her spine. Every muscle in her body contracted, and her pussy burned to come. When she moaned again, he retreated and returned to spanking her ass.
Each stroke set her trembling with unmet desires. Tears ran down her cheeks, and she wept so hard her nose ran, but she never wanted him to stop.
“Eighteen, Master,” she sobbed.
As if considering where to hit her next, he paused. She refused to safeword, but now she wanted this over with. Twenty strokes felt too painful, so intense her inner barriers shattered. And she had two spanks still to take.
Holding back her orgasm had never been so hard. When he slapped her clit, she screamed. Her body tensed, and a climax rocked through her. Behind her, Master Jay chuckled and spanked her clit again.
Lost in a world of spanking and sensual need, she breathed hard and gasped. “Twenty, Master. Thank you.”
He stood back and admired her red ass. “You’re as beautiful as you are responsive. I like you with your ass glowing and your body on the edge of coming.”
He slid his fingers through her wet slit, circled them around her clit, and pinched it hard. She let out an excited squeak, expecting him to screw her immediately. Instead, he pinched each of her nipples in turn. When she pouted, he chuckled and ran his fingers up her inner thighs. Every muscle in her body tensed in anticipation. Finally, as he curled his body around her, he slid his cock inside her.
When the head brushed her G-spot, she panted and rocked her hips. Tied with her pussy open, she tried to thrust her hips back, but he chuckled and withdrew. “So eager, Kitty Gail.”
She moaned softly, wanting him deep inside her. He pinched her clit, then slid his dick back inside her. It felt solid and long, so thick it filled her completely. He waited a moment, letting her adjust to his size. Then he thrust hard. She panted and arched her back, trying to pull him deeper. He withdrew again, leaving her sighing in frustration as he knelt and ran his tongue over her clit.
She panted hard, her body almost exploding with need. “Please, Master Jay, let me come.”
He entered her once more, and when his pubic bone rocked against her hips, she shrieked and came hard. Her orgasm felt like a mule kick to her womb, so intense it bordered on painful. A moment later, he found his own release inside her. Abigail had never enjoyed better sex or a better spanking.
Once they recovered, he released her bonds. “Kitty Gail, you were amazing. Shall we do it again when you visit next month?”

God, I want to, but I can’t. There’s the letter to consider. She dressed quickly and headed toward the entrance. Pausing in the doorway, her composure almost shattered as she told him, “No. I’m never coming back here again.”

copyright Kryssie Fortune

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