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Thursday, 17 August 2017

How to Bring Down a Helicopter

Jared, a former Marine answered Abigail's advert. He thought she wanted to hire a mercenary not a husband.
They agree on an arranged marriage but the local thug wants a percentage of Abigail's fortune. She escapes when they kidnap her this is when Jared finds her. But hunters come after her in a helicopter.

Enjoy a short extract from my book - Marriage, Mobsters, and the Marine.


As if on cue, a helicopter crested the crayon, hovered, then landed close by the mine. Jared pulled Abigail behind a head-high boulder, pushed her gently to the ground, put a finger to her lips, and rolled her beneath him.
Sean dropped beside her. “Stay down. I’ve no idea what’s going on or who the pilot is. If we were closer, I’d do my damndest to keep him out the mine. There’s not much I can do about it from here. I’m going to try to move closer. Armstrong, stay here with Abigail.”
Sean dodged between rocks, always seeking cover.
Before he’d moved far, the pilot jumped out the helicopter. “Where the fuck are you? Get your asses out here now.”
When no one appeared, the pilot slipped into the mine. Four gunshots rang out, then the pilot sprinted back to his chopper and took off. Once airborne, the pilot spotted them. He peppered the ground with wild shots, making little clouds of dust rise from the ground when he missed.
Abigail’s rescuers dropped to the ground, Jared shielding her with his body. Gathering Abigail in his arms, he scuttled to safer ground. Letting her go was hard, but once he settled her beneath a rocky overhang, he pulled his rifle from his back and aimed at the helicopter. He barely breathed, barely blinked as he lined up his shot. Staring down the barrel of his rifle, he aimed at the small blades on the helicopter’s tail.
One bullet, one shot, one ruptured tail on the helicopter. It spun wildly. The nose dipped, and it plummeted to the ground. The metal fuselage buckled as it crashed into rocks. Fuel seeped from the ruptured tank. The kerosene scent of aviation fuel filled the air. Sparks from the dying engine ignited it. A sheet of flame shot skyward, all orange heat and black smoke. Even from the distance, Jared could feel the new warmth in the morning air.

No one could survive such a violent crash.


Abigail Montgomery, a small-town schoolteacher with zero self-confidence, dreams of the Dickensian Christmas her family never enjoyed. Each month she attends a masked BDSM club, but her next visit will be her last. If she doesn’t marry within the next year, her brother won’t inherit Montgomery Hall. Desperate, she advertises for a husband.

Jared Armstrong, a former Marine sharpshooter and occasional Dom, needs $125,000 to get his family out of a hole. His solution--to marry Abigail Montgomery for her money. His only regret is his wife won’t accept his spanking lifestyle.

Soon, Abigail dreams of making their marriage real, but she promised Jared a divorce two years after their wedding. Can they share some Christmas magic as their relationship faces extortion threats, a kidnapping, and an attempted murder? Or will Jared walk away and break her heart?

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