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Tuesday, 22 August 2017

How to catch a husband. #mfrwhooks #BSDM #military #romance

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This week, I'm sharing a teaser from my book Marriage, Mobsters and the Marine. 
To inherit four million dollars, Abigail needs a husband. Since she doesn't have a boyfriend, she finds a novel solution. 
She advertises for a husband.
Here's her first meeting with Jared.

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Blushing, she sucked on her lower lip. “This is awkward. Can I ask you some questions?”
He nodded. “I don’t guarantee answering them, but ask away.”
God, he wished she’d get on with it, but she studied the unopened menu as though her life depended on it. Finally, she lifted her head. “Are you married?”
His eyes narrowed. “Your advert said no ties. I’m single, HIV free, and I don’t screw anyone for cash.”
She choked on her drink, coughing and splattering water over the table. Jared watched and waited, unwilling to make it easier for her when she was the one who placed the advert.
Across the table from him, Abigail curled her hands into fists and laid them on her lap. Her smile faded and her voice trembled. “Will you marry me?”
“Are you pregnant?” he shot back.
Her cheeks turned scarlet. “No. In fact, I came on my period two days ago. But I do need a husband. I know I’m not what you imagined in a wife, but I’m willing to pay a $75,000 advance as well as house, feed, and clothe you for two years. After that, I’ll pay you another $150,000 when we divorce.”
He stared at her intently, trying to decide if she needed therapy—or perhaps a few weeks in the local insane asylum. “You’re serious?”
She took a sip of mineral water. “I am.”
His eyes narrowed, and his forehead furrowed in anger. “I’ll feed and clothe myself. Can I still put time in with my business, or should I get a job local to where you live?”
When she finally smiled, it felt as though the sun had come out on a cloudy day.

Putting her glass on the table, she took looked anywhere but at him. “I’m glad you want to do so. In fact, it’s one of the reasons I chose you. You have values and goals. All I have is an insane great-aunt, or I did until recently.”