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Monday, 26 March 2018

Six of the Best - A British Spanking Anthology #SpankingRomance #DomesticDiscipline #HistoricalRomance #HEA

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Assume the position and prepare for Six of the Best!

Six SCORCHING stories from USA Today and number 1 bestselling British authors! This is the 100% British historical anthology you've been waiting for. So, grab a cup of tea and make sure the smelling salts are to hand, then settle in as our heroines re-write the rules and earn SIX OF THE BEST for their outrageous antics. This dance across history sweeps from the Restoration to Victorian times and will leave you panting almost as much as our naughty ladies.

Publisher's note: These stories are HOT. Hotter than an oven full of muffins in a well-known British cake show. Domestic discipline and other indoor sports feature heavily in them, so if that's not your cup of tea, this is probably not the set for you. Don't say we didn't warn you!

“How utterly beguiling… Yet now we come to the truly tantalising part. Now we reveal just how much mettle the lady has. Will you yield to me further this night, or will you refuse me?”
“Yield as you have yielded,” he tells me, his brown eyes dancing as he watches my expression. “And then, when you are certain that it is not possible, you will yield to me further.”
He is the devil in disguise, a debauch and beguiling demon, sent forth to worship and corrupt me. The thought makes me smile, in spite of my shame on the subject.
I want him to kiss me, to claim me, to own me. I desire it in a way I have no right to do. I demand it.
This is a perilous game, and one which I am almost certain to lose. If I play badly, then I risk upsetting him and my family will bear the brunt of my failure. Yet if I win – ah, if I win – I could lose something far more precious than even wealth or my reputation; I could lose my heart.
The King wants to spank me, and I know it will hurt, but worse still, I find that I wholeheartedly welcome it. I need his touch – I need the sensation – and I need to find that euphoria he had delivered after the pain yesterday.
First meeting
You are most welcome here in my court, Lady Jane,” he purrs, his eyes devouring the cut of my bodice, and rising north over my throat and mouth.
“Thank you, Your Majesty,” I whisper, my words barely audible over the sound of my racing heart.
He smiles, the sort of expression which could melt through the bitter English snow. “I hope I’ll be seeing a lot more of you in the coming weeks.”
I risk a glance at him, and for just the briefest moment our eyes lock. He smoulders at me, those large brown eyes conveying the message he wants to deliver. And I hear it.
Every. Single. Word.

“I’m going to give you what I need to give, Lady Jane—what we both need,” he murmurs, and I still, tensing as his words echo some of my own private thought processes. “I shall give enough for us both, and when I give, I do so with no ulterior motive. I want nothing in return, save for your obedience. I will not take pleasure for myself. I will savour the pleasure of this intimacy—of our time together—the time when I discipline you.” He pauses, his fingers caressing my goosing skin as the silence presses down upon me. “So, my beautiful lady, take my discipline, receive it, and there you shall find me. That is the place we shall be together.”
I twist my head at his explanation, searching for his face in the shadows of his chambers. Our eyes connect briefly, and I swallow at the intensity of it. The idea of the King and I being together makes the wet muscles between my legs clench. Yet this is what he offers me, this time and this intimacy, and in taking charge of me this way, he keeps his word and leaves my virginity intact.

One stride and he is right against me, his breath hot over my face, laced with the expensive wine we consumed earlier in the evening. “Yes, Lady Jane,” he answers. “This is where you shall be bared and spanked.”
Bared? I know my eyes widen at the word. “I am to be bared, Your Majesty?” I say, forcing the words from my mouth in a rush of anxious excitement. “All of me?”
He breaks into a low laugh. “There is a choice,” he replies, pushing my shoulders gently downwards, so that my bottom falls to the soft bedding below me. Now he towers over me, and as I raise my head to see him, my eyes meet his groin. I still at the sudden proximity to the place I know conceals His Majesty’s passion, my gaze lingering longer than it has right to, before rising slowly to meet his delicious brown eyes. His grin widens, acknowledging the brazen nature of my thoughts, and unbelievably I blush again, grateful for the shadows which may just hide my shame.
“A choice, Your Majesty?” I manage, my chest rising and falling faster with each passing moment.
He lowers himself in front of me, so that our eyes are at the same level. “A choice,” he agrees, pressing himself forward over my body. I gasp as he shifts his weight, his dexterity taking me by surprise. The sudden appearance of his face forces me backwards, and I find myself pinioned beneath his body, my legs splayed awkwardly under the skirts of my gown.
“There is always a choice, Lady Jane,” he murmurs, the strands of his dark curls hanging about my face.
I bite my lip, confusion and arousal at my change of circumstances, combined with my restricting bodice making it hard to breath. “What is the choice, Your Majesty?” I gasp.
The smile on his face is sin itself, and in this moment, I know that I have walked straight into his trap, although whether I have done so willingly or not is not even clear to me. “You can either be upturned over my knee, your skirts hoisted high over your back so that your delicious bottom is exposed to my palm, or…” He pauses, angling the weight of his stare over my face.
My mind, filled with the image he has just painted of me, reels at the silence. Is he expecting me to reply? What is the etiquette for such moments?
His expression shifts into a low chuckle as he appraises whatever constitutes my expression at this moment, and fortunately he once again takes pity on me, his humble servant. “Or, you can be stripped entirely.”
This time I cannot conceal the audible gasp which escapes from my lips. “Entirely, Your Majesty?” I repeat, as though surely his words cannot be real. Although of course I know them to be true, having only just left four naked ladies in the prior room.
“Yes, dear Jane,” he muses from over me. “A lady can only truly be admired in her own, natural form.”
I contemplate him, this man—my monarch—who has captured me so easily into his delicious game. “No one has ever seen me bare, Your Majesty,” I whisper, the words an admission of my innocence—a fact I have already articulated.
He nods. “I know,” he replies. “And I assume that until this night no man has ever claimed your sweet mouth, spoken to you of such lewd subjects, or pinned you against his bed?”
His brow rises as he speaks, the small gesture releasing a flood of moisture from between my legs. I am not absolutely clear what it is about him which is so alluring, but he most certainly has it. Yes, he is the King, and yet it is so much more than that. He is the devil in disguise, a debauch and beguiling demon, sent forth to worship and corrupt me. The thought makes me smile, in spite of my shame on the subject.
“You’re correct, Your Majesty,” I say with a small nod. “You are the first, on all counts.”
Smiling at the acknowledgment, he lowers his face into mine. Those full lips graze my mouth, parting my lips in an instant as my eyes slip shut. I want him to kiss me, to claim me, to own me. I desire it in a way I have no right to do. I demand it.

He towers over me, and I peek up at him from around my arranged curls to meet that devilish grin again. “Lady Jane,” he purrs from above me, “you have perhaps heard stories about me from other ladies at court… about my desires?”
I hold my breath at his words. What can I say? “I have heard some tales, Your Majesty,” I whisper in a long rush of breath, “But I know no details.”
“Good,” he murmurs, his smile mesmerising. “Because there are many details which are private, and need to remain so, but there is something about you, My Lady.” He pauses, leaning in towards me. “Something about you which stirs a passion in me I cannot quell. I want not only to share supper with you, Lady Jane. I should like also to share a great many other things… private things.”
His tone is utterly captivating, and my mind scatters at the notion of sharing any intimacy greater than this moment. But, whilst I am a maiden, I am not a fool. I am aware of his intention, and of my own simmering need for the things he alludes to. I wonder how I can respond to a question like this – to the King of all people – but he saves me the humiliation and descends upon me. His lips meet mine, crashing against me with the kind of passion I have only dreamt about. His left arm closes in around my waist, encircling it and holding me in place as his lips master me. I open for him out of instinct, yielding to his tongue as it sweeps behind my lips. As he pulls away I am left reeling, unsure if I am even able to stand on my own. Fortunately, his hand stays in place, securing my body against him.
The King stares down at me, pressing me for an answer with his deep brown eyes. “Jane?” he says, leaning in to kiss me again. A short, firm kiss this time, which leads him right around my jaw to my neckline. The feeling of his facial hair against me and the warmth of his mouth is incredible.
“Your Majesty?” I gasp, unable to articulate much more.
“Tell me, are my instincts correct?” he asks me. “Can I trust you to share my deepest, darkest desires?”
I blink at him, barely able to catch my breath. “You can trust me, Your Majesty,” I assure him. “You can trust me in all things.”

Spanking Surrender
“I should like to bare your delicious derriere, my dear, explore its tender form, its divine shape, feel the weight of it in my hands, and then…” He pauses, his eyes full of salacious delight as the intensity of his gaze falls upon me. “And then I shall spank you.”
The words echo through the chambers of my mind. Spank me? I swallow, the action slow and deep, and almost symbolic, as though whatever I say next is imperative. My consent at this point will unleash events which I can never return from.
“Spank me, your Majesty?”
I need the clarification from those full, demanding lips, even though I heard him very well the first time around.
The lips part, breaking into that smile again, the one which burns the pulse at my core. “Yes, my dear,” he replies.
“But, but…” I splutter, trying to bring form to the words which are swimming in my head. “But I have done nothing wrong?” I gasp. “And if I have caused offence to Your Majesty, then please – tell me how?”
My heart is hammering in my chest, threatening to explode. He wants to spank me? But why? What have I done wrong which could be the cause of such an undignified penance?
“Hush,” comes the reply, the fingers at my face caressing the skin there thoughtfully. “I shall spank your exposed and pert little behind, not as penitence. I shall do so for my own pleasure.” There is a pause as he permits the words to permeate into my mind. “I shall enjoy the look of it, and the feel of each sensation against your tender flesh. And you, dear Jane, you shall do as you promised. You shall yield to me, accept the brunt of my palm, be awash with the sensation, and we shall see…” He concludes, but the ending seems abrupt and unnatural.
“What shall we see, Your Majesty?” I force the words out in a gasp, my head still reeling from the revelation that the King wants to spank me for merriment.
He eyes me intently, that small smirk reforming at his mouth. “We shall see if I am correct about you. We shall see if you dance to the tune of my spanking – if your body enjoys the surrender.”

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