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Wednesday, 21 March 2018

Wickedly Used #MidWeekTease #Dark #Regency #Romance


I'm jumping into a new blog hop - The Mid Week tease. 
I'll share a few paragraphs from my best selling book, Wickedly Used. 
Please read and enjoy then check out the other authors sharing their work using the links below.

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Elizabeth choked back a scream. The man with the up-and-down breeches held her captive in a grotto that reeked of sex. Determined to break free, she dug her heels in the path. He still dragged her toward him like a fisherman reeling in a catch.
His leer told her she’d be lucky to escape with her maidenhead intact. Everything about the letch who’d grabbed her made her blood run cold. Getting up close and personal with that thing jutting between his legs wasn’t in her plans.
And still he dragged her closer. “Name your price, before I take what I want for free.”
A female called from the hideaway, “Dawlish, dearie, come back ‘ere and screw me. Stick it in and we’re done.”
His attention faltered. Elizabeth wrenched her wrist free. Two panicked steps and she ran into a blue-coated chest.
Shoving at his chest, she kicked his shins. Nothing moved him, but his gaze could have started another frost fair on the Thames. When she stared at his face, his eyes flashed like ice chips behind his black mask. She’d recognize his height and build anywhere. Fingers crossed, her dragoon had found her and come to her rescue.
His fur cap added more height and covered most of his hair. The black mask covering the top half of his face gave him a rakish air. His cheeks were full of craggy angles and rocky plains. His lips looked stern and unyielding, but she wondered how they’d feel if they brushed against hers. Her instincts demanded she trust him. As her panic subsided, she knew he’d keep her safe.
The dragoon bristled when he glowered at Dawlish. Catching both her wrists in one hand, her rescuer held her at arms’ length. The breadth of his chest fascinated her, and she could sense his inner strength. She shuddered then stilled, but her heart still beat overtime in her chest.
Dawlish was older, with a thickset body and a mouth as mean as her uncle’s. Her dragoon’s good looks and protective manner delighted her. He had stepped in and saved her, sort of, but his gaze condemned her as Dawlish’s whore. He felt more friend than foe, but he looked ready to march away when she needed him to stay.
Lifting her head, she tried to sound brave. “Please, sir, let me pass.”
When he didn’t move, she tugged one hand free of his hold and shoved at his chest. He recaptured it in an instant. “Damn it, girl. Stand still for a minute.”
His touch sent a series of lightning strikes down her spine. Her nipples pearled and poked at the thin fabric of her gown. With him, she could fulfill her wickedest dream. The one where she gave her virginity to a handsome stranger. Memories of a stolen moment of passion would sustain her until she turned thirty—she hoped.
Dawlish snarled like a mongrel ready to fight over a bone. He still fumbled to lace up his breeches. “I saw her first. Come here, girl. I’ll pay whatever price you demand once you’ve spread your thighs for me.”


While he is no stranger to pleasurable company from ladies of the night, Major Richard Rothbury of the royal dragoons is not the kind of man who will stand idly by as a woman is taken against her will, and when he witnesses a disreputable cad attempting to force himself on a girl in a back alley, he does not hesitate to intervene.

But after the grateful young woman offers herself to Rothbury, he is shocked to discover that not only was she no harlot, she was a maiden and he has deflowered her. Furious at the girl’s scandalous behavior and her carelessness with her own safety, Rothbury chastises her soundly.

Though she is due to inherit one of the largest fortunes in England, the fact that she cannot touch the money until she marries or turns thirty has kept Elizabeth completely at the mercy of her cruel uncle, and for years she has been treated as if she were a servant. Her encounter with Lord Rothbury is by far the most exciting thing that has ever happened to her, but while he shows great concern for her safety, he refuses to believe that she is anything more than a serving girl.

Despite having made it clear that he doesn’t consider a match between them to be possible, when Elizabeth disobeys him Rothbury proves more than ready to strip her bare, punish her harshly, and then enjoy her beautiful body in the most shameful of ways. But can she dare to hope that he will one day make her his wife, or is she destined to spend her life being wickedly used?

Publisher’s Note: Wickedly Used: A Dark Regency Romance includes spankings and sexual scenes. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.


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