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Friday, 3 January 2020

A Transient Relationship #regency #romance #spanking #hot #KU #kindleunlimited

Welcome back to the first Saturday Spanking blog of a new decade. This excerpt from The Viscount's Pet comes from when Viscount Stonehurst has been shot. The only person available to nurse him is to Julianna Halstead, but she risks her reputation when she does so. 

N.B. The viscount lost his leg at Waterloo, which explains the doctor's comment about his false leg.

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Dr. Grainger deftly removed Stonehurst’s boots and breeches. “That ankle joint’s a miracle of engineering. I’ll take the greatest care when I remove his false leg. He’ll be more comfortable without it, and I won’t disturb him by trying to ram his nightshirt over his head. If we leave him naked, it’ll be easier for you to access his wounds.”

Cheeks flushed, Julianna couldn’t tear her gaze from Stonehurst’s body. His flaccid cock—the first one she’d ever seen—fascinated her. The mushroom-shaped tip seemed smoother than the rest. Almost, she reached out to run her finger over it. Instead, she took a last, lingering look and arranged the sheet to preserve his modesty.

The doctor left her another vial of laudanum. “He’ll need this to keep the pain at bay when he wakes.”

Julianna yawned, exhausted from her night-long walk. She pulled a chair alongside the bed and topped it with a cushion to ease her sore bottom. Folding her arms atop the blankets, she rested her head on them. Rather than sleep deeply, she dozed beside him—one ear open in case he woke.

The day seemed endless, the room claustrophobic. Her patient’s temperature rocketed. Pained cries left his lips. He tossed and turned, tangling his good leg in the sheets. Concerned, she rang for a fresh bowl of warm water.

When the maid brought it, she nodded toward the patient. “He’s not dead then?”

Like an angry she-cat protecting her young, Julianna pushed the girl from the chamber. As she wiped the sweat from Stonehurst’s forehead, he groaned and tried to push her away. Knowing his wounds pained him, she dosed him with more laudanum. A few minutes later, he settled into a deep sleep.

Hours later, he threw off the covers, wrapped his wrist around hers, and tugged her beside him on the bed. If she resisted, he might reopen his wounds. Turning onto his right side, he tucked her so close that his breath warmed the back of his neck. He was asleep again in seconds.

Secure in his arms, she felt safer than she had since her brother’s return. She craved everything he offered, but their relationship was transient at best.

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Viscount's Pet Blurb

When her brother tries to force her into a marriage with a detestable baron, Julianna Halstead flees the family estate she has helped manage since the death of her parents. But as she makes her escape late at night, Juliana’s carelessness nearly results in her being trampled by a galloping horse, and the steed’s handsome rider takes it upon himself to correct her right then and there.

Though having her bottom bared and soundly spanked on the side of the road leaves Juliana blushing crimson, the punishment arouses her intensely and her body’s helpless response cannot be hidden. To make matters worse, the gentleman over whose lap she was so firmly chastised turns out to be none other than Viscount Stonehurst, someone she has known since childhood.

When Stonehurst learns of Juliana’s predicament, he decides to make her his bride. She will be no ordinary wife, however. She will be something much more shameful. But even as she is leashed, collared, and put on display in a cage wearing only a tail, then brought out to be used in ways no proper lady should enjoy, will Juliana come to love her new life as the viscount’s pet?

Publisher’s Note: The Viscount’s Pet is a stand-alone novel which shares the Regency-era setting of Wickedly Used and His Innocent Bride. It includes spankings and sexual scenes. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.

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  1. Gotta love the way he pulled her close, even when he wasn't fully conscious. I look forward to reading this. I love historicals, and pet play is a fascination for me. Wonderful snippet, Kryssie.