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Friday, 10 November 2017

All I want for Christmas is a Spanking #Sat Spanks #Christmas #romance

Welcome to Saturday Spanks, our weekly dose of spanking snippets. 
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Today, I'm sharing the last few paragraphs of my Christmas Story,
Marriage, Mobsters, and the Marine.

The story is either available as a single romance or as part of my Holiday's trilogy, along with a New Year's Eve Story and a Valentine's romance.

Mandy always craved a Dickensian Christmas.

"Not that she’d enjoyed the holiday season much once she reached her teens. Christmas was another thing her great-aunt had disapproved of. In fact, Abby’s early years seemed to be one disapproval after another."

"There’d been no presents or decorations, not even a special dinner. Adam had often stayed at college, saying he needed to keep on top of his studies. Abigail had bottled her sorrow, not even telling her brother how much she ached to sing carols around a family tree or cook a Dickensian Christmas dinner for the people she loved."

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She wished she’d decorated their home, but there’d be no trees left this close to Christmas. Next year, she vowed to set their home ablaze with Christmas lights. Maybe it wasn’t too late to buy a turkey and all the trimmings. She certainly hoped not.
Jared draped his arm around her shoulders as they walked home. They stopped often, exchanging kisses and enjoying other people’s Christmas lights. As they rounded the corner onto her street, she gasped. The tree in her garden sparkled with brightly colored lights. “What?”
Laying his finger over her lips, Jared smiled. “Come inside.”
A Christmas tree filled one corner of her front room. Glass balls glittered between swathes of fairy lights. A holly garland decorated her fireplace, and a light net covered her windows.
Jared stood back, entranced by her joyful expression. “I couldn’t find any Christmas decorations in your loft or your basement, so I asked William. He said you never decorated for the holidays, but I couldn’t let our first Christmas pass without a tree. I ordered a load of stuff online and had it delivered to William’s house. He put everything up for us while we partied. So, Mrs. Armstrong, do you like my Christmas surprise?”
Abigail twirled in delight. “I love it, but not as much as I love my wonderful husband.”
He couldn’t let her pass without kissing her. Twenty minutes later they finally broke for air. Abby had been the child who’d secretly craved a Christmas as special as the ones in movies and books. For her, life didn’t get better than this. The way her husband set this up for her would live in her heart forever. The solstice would always be special for them too, since it was the night Jared stepped in like a movie hero and brought her home safe.

Utterly content, she snuggled up to her husband. “So, Master Jay, does your kitty get a Christmas spanking?”


  1. I love a Christmas story. Abigail is a lucky girl - I hope she gets that last wish.

  2. Sounds like a different kind of Christmas story.

  3. He doesn't sound like the type to leave out a special Christmas spanking.

  4. I agree with Angie. I think the lady will receive whatever her heart desires. He sounds like a wonderful man.

  5. I think she should get a Christmas spanking. They are two of my favourite words and they should definitely be delivered in the same sentence ;) GRIN! Great snippet!!