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Tuesday, 21 November 2017

Why let a little thing like a kidnapping get in the way? #MFRWhooks #holidays #erotic #romance

Welcome to Book hooks, the Marketing For Romance Writers blog hop where we share snippets from out books. This week I'm sharing an excerpt from Sex Scandal, and the Sheriff - available as a stand alone romance or as part of handy holiday box set.
Sean Mathews, former Seal turned sheriff planned to propose to Jazz on New Year's Eve, but foreign agents had other 
Please read and enjoy the excerpt below - and please check out the other author's offering by clicking the links below. 

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My Snippet

Sean's brother, Ethan, stood on his rear porch, his body up close and personal with the wall. Blinking, Sean opened the door, and Ethan slid inside. “I’m shit at this cloak-and-dagger stuff you SEALs excel at. Let’s get out of sight.”

Sean followed his brother into the inner stairwell. Ethan sat on the bottom step, pulled out his phone, and handed it to Sean. “I’m not coming home for the holidays again if things like this happen. So, does this mean anything to you?”
We’ve got your girlfriend. You can have her as a sex slave if you come for a cruise on our yacht. Bring your research. Be on the beach at 6pm and expect a long trip. Tell no one or she’s shark bait.

Sean read it through twice, grabbed his own cell phone, and dialed Jazz’s number. It went to voicemail. Her bakery phone rang and rang when he called. His eyes narrowed, and his fists curled. “Someone’s taken Jazz, but I don’t understand.”

Ethan frowned. “And Jazz is?”

Clenching and unclenching his fists, Sean paced the tiny hall. “The woman I met when I took your place at the blasted soiree. You know how the scandal sucked her in? Well, a short while later she arrived in Westhorpe Ridge. I intend to propose to her on the stroke of midnight tonight. I want the New Year to be the start of my new life with Jazz, and as a former SEAL, I’m not letting a little thing like a kidnapping stop me.”

More at home in a research lab than around people, Ethan frowned. “So, what do we do? And why would I want your lady friend? It doesn’t make sense.”

Like a caged lion, Sean kept pacing. “It does if they still believe I’m you. What the hell sort of research are you involved in? And if you say top secret, I’ll ram your tonsils down your throat.”


  1. Boy that subject sure fits this post! LOL Great line. :)

  2. Enjoyed the excerpt. Just a little kidnapping

  3. So this is a case of mistaken identity? That nicely complicates a straightforward kidnapping.

  4. Threatening to ram tonsils down throat - think someone's a bit frustrated.. Great excerpt. Tweeted.