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Friday, 3 November 2017

Dragons, demons, and Hope #satspanks #spanking #snipped

It's Sat spanks time again. 

I can't believe how quickly Saturdays come around. Please take a moment to visit the other authors sharing their Sat Spanks. Just click on the links at the bottom. 
My snippet come after Flynn has rescued Hope, from White slavers...by pretending to be one. Then he fought shape shifting demons to win her.

Clearly, she's not ready to trust him yet. Or is she?

Too scared to listen, she slapped at his chest. Her scream echoed through the garage, so loud her ears rang. Even the dragon shifter looked shocked.
“Enough,” he roared.
She kicked at his shins and tried to duck beneath his arm. Instead, he caught her around her midriff and swung her in front of him. He walked backward toward the open van door, sat on the sill, and draped her over his knee. “Little girl, didn’t anyone ever teach you any manners?” He splayed one hand over the small of her back. “Are you done? Or should I spank some sense into you.”
Lost in her adrenaline-fueled haze, Hope still railed at him. “Get off me. Gramps will kill you for this.”
His free hand moved lower, running back and forth across her bare buttocks. His hand felt hot and heavy against her cold flesh. She wriggled and squirmed on his lap, rubbing against his cock as his touch sent shivers through her pussy.
This should be humiliating, but instead, it stoked her desires and sent her into sensual overload. Her breath caught in her lungs, and her heart turned cartwheels in her chest. She felt his erection grow still bigger beneath his jeans. It dug into her belly, rock-hard against her bare flesh. She wondered what it would feel like, naked, skin-to-skin. Yeah, I’m definitely up for hot sex. Or a hot bath. A carb drink and a goodnight’s sleep wouldn’t go amiss either.
She wanted him to teach her about sex and seduction, to make her body submit to his darkest desires. He ran his free hand down her spine, slowly, softly, teasing her until… What is happening here? I’m squished up against his cock and moaning like a whore. “Take your hands off me.”
His palm landed on her bare buttocks, making her thrash and squeal. He increased the pressure on the small of her back, pinning her in place. “You’re going nowhere until you calm down and listen.”
Callous Bastard. How dare he! No one manhandled her like this. Hope felt his dick pulse and grow, and she … liked it. He was hung like a freaking dragon, maybe because he was one. 


  1. I understand the outrage at being manhandled, but you have to love being overpowered.

  2. Caught between desire and outrage, a tough place to be. I wonder which will win? Something tells me she's going to get to know this dragon up close and personal. I love the idea of a dragon shifter.

  3. I agree with Pk about the overpowering thing. Gotta love that! Hot snippet Kryssie :)