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Friday, 29 November 2019

Passion or Pity in the Bedroom. #satspanks #regency #romance #BDSM #action/adventure

Welcome to another Saturday Spankings post. 
Again, I'm sharing from my latest book, 

The Viscount's Pet.

Stonehurst has just returned Julianna to her family home, unaware her brother beats her. As he returns to his lodgings, he can't stop thinking about her. 


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Here's this week's snippet. Please enjoy

Thanks to Julianna and her flighty sister, he’d argued with his father. The Dragoons drilled discipline in him, but the war cost him too many friends. He’d still have two whole legs if he hadn’t enlisted to evade Susanna’s clutches.

Besides, he wanted passion in the bedroom, not pity. That was why he’d sworn never to reveal his sawn-off stump to another person. No woman could love a cripple like him. Now Julianna’s tawny beauty haunted his thoughts.  
After Waterloo, his cock had hung flaccid in his trousers. There’d been that one glorious night when his fellow officer and close friend, Deanswood, let him watch as he spanked his wife. Thanks to him, Stonehurst learned he could still function as a man. 

Around Julianna, his balls ached and his dick demanded attention. While he shouldn’t have put her over his knee, he’d treasure that the memory for days. Months, maybe.

Everything about her fueled his dominant side. If he could, he’d strip her and screw her so hard she screamed his name. Judging by her response to his kiss, she wasn’t unwilling.

He’d wanted to show her the pleasure of a sensual spanking. If they were in a private place, he’d introduce her to his favorite pet play, too. That or tie her to the bed and torment her clit until she begged to come.


When her brother tries to force her into a marriage with a detestable baron, Julianna Halstead flees the family estate she has helped manage since the death of her parents. But as she makes her escape late at night, Juliana’s carelessness nearly results in her being trampled by a galloping horse, and the steed’s handsome rider takes it upon himself to correct her right then and there.

Though having her bottom bared and soundly spanked on the side of the road leaves Juliana blushing crimson, the punishment arouses her intensely and her body’s helpless response cannot be hidden. To make matters worse, the gentleman over whose lap she was so firmly chastised turns out to be none other than Viscount Stonehurst, someone she has known since childhood.

When Stonehurst learns of Juliana’s predicament, he decides to make her his bride. She will be no ordinary wife, however. She will be something much more shameful. But even as she is leashed, collared, and put on display in a cage wearing only a tail, then brought out to be used in ways no proper lady should enjoy, will Juliana come to love her new life as the viscount’s pet?

Publisher’s Note: The Viscount’s Pet is a stand-alone novel which shares the Regency-era setting of Wickedly Used and His Innocent Bride. It includes spankings and sexual scenes. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.

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  1. I hadn't realized he'd been injured in the war. The scars that come from that sort of injury aren't always visible. I hope Julianna can help him realize shame holds no place in a love where honesty rules supreme.