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Friday, 1 November 2019

Rough Handling #satspanks #regency #romance

Welcome to the Saturday Spankings Blog hop. Please check out the snipped my fellow authors have posted using the links below.

This Week, I'm sharing another extract from my latest Regency Romance, 
The Viscount's Pet. 

Long Blurb

When her brother tries to force her into a marriage with a detestable baron, Julianna Halstead flees the family estate she has helped manage since the death of her parents. But as she makes her escape late at night, Juliana’s carelessness nearly results in her being trampled by a galloping horse, and the steed’s handsome rider takes it upon himself to correct her right then and there.

Though having her bottom bared and soundly spanked on the side of the road leaves Juliana blushing crimson, the punishment arouses her intensely and her body’s helpless response cannot be hidden. To make matters worse, the gentleman over whose lap she was so firmly chastised turns out to be none other than Viscount Stonehurst, someone she has known since childhood.

When Stonehurst learns of Juliana’s predicament, he decides to make her his bride. She will be no ordinary wife, however. She will be something much more shameful. But even as she is leashed, collared, and put on display in a cage wearing only a tail, then brought out to be used in ways no proper lady should enjoy, will Juliana come to love her new life as the viscount’s pet?

Publisher’s Note: The Viscount’s Pet is a stand-alone novel which shares the Regency-era setting of Wickedly Used and His Innocent Bride. It includes spankings and sexual scenes. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.

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Delicious sensations rippled through her cunny, as unwarranted as they were unwelcome. Every nerve in her body burned for more. Her nipples hardened into ruby-hard points and sticky juices flooded her pussy.

Stifling a moan, she wriggled and rubbed herself against his knee. Pressure grew inside her—a volcano of sensation and need. Any moment now, she’d erupt.

He chuckled and spanked her again. “I’m not done yet, little wildcat.”

His voice was deep and rumbly, drawing her in and making her weak. He was darkness and desire, a man she should despise for beating on her
bottom—out in the open too. Another slap made her yelp.
He peppered his blows from her sit spots to her thighs. Fire spread from the curve of her behind to the top of her legs before exploding into passion and need. She’d never felt so horrified, so needy, or so feminine.

Ten more spanks, each harder than the last, set her screaming. Pain rippled through her bones. The rhythmic thwacks echoed through the night.

Each slap felt sharp and clear, an agonizing tornado that turned her thighs to jelly. She squirmed and sobbed as her behind burned. The needs his punishment generated inside her grew from a slow simmer to full-on boil. Another slap, and molten desires engulfed her.

Agony crescendoed through her. Her shoulders shook, and she couldn’t stem her tears. Her nose ran, and the fight went out of her. “No more. I’ll be more careful in the future. I swear it.”

Her resistance shattered, and she hung limp over this stranger’s knee. Embarrassed and humiliated, she tried to summon her anger, but the wildfire he sparked in her cunny consumed her. The wickedness of it left her craving more.
He stroked his fingers through her wet pussy. “My naughty girl liked her spanking. Are you needy? Do you ache inside? Do you want me to give you the orgasm you yearn for?”

Her thoughts scattered. He was monstrous and evil, but he woke the wanton side she hadn’t known she possessed. Unable to form an answer, she nodded. He landed another slap on her sore bottom. “I need to hear you say it. Ask me to make you come.”

She didn’t recognize that hoarse whisper as hers. “Will it hurt? It’s just I never…”

He stroked her bare bottom. “I’ll bring you nothing but pleasure.”

The indignity of her position, and her burning desire for a stranger to touch her in intimate ways horrified her. His rough handling had freed her hair from its pins. It fell in tawny blonde ringlets that swept the ground. She should say no and fight him off. Only that hadn’t worked earlier.

Her body trembled with new yearnings. “Then please, sir, make me come.”


  1. Poor innocent thing. Stonehurst is a beast, and he knows it, but if he keeps his word and gives her pleasure, he can be forgiven. Great snippet, Kryssie.